7 Ways To Lose Weight Faster

7 Ways to lose weight, faster.

  1. Prepping meals for the week ahead
  2. Drink 3-4 litres of water a day
  3. Eating breakfast in the first hour of waking up
  4. Eating little as often
  5. Eating carbohydrates after work outs
  6. Eating reduced carbohydrate meals on rest days
  7. Drink “Slimatee” before bed.

These are points that I am only telling you about that have actually worked and I have experienced. My weight loss journey has been 2 years now and I have lost 3 stone, I lost the 3 stone a long time ago but now I try to maintain. You can find details on my weight loss journey here.

1.Prepping meals for the week ahead.

Spending a couple of hours in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon is totally worth it for this. This is so important when trying to lose weight, it means that you know every ingredient in your meals,  you wont be tempted to have a unhealthy meal or snack, and there are no excuses as to you didn’t prepare your food the night before and had to have chips for lunch. No!! Plus it’s hassle free and a lot cheaper. For more info on Meal Prepping click the link.

2.Drink 3-4 litres of water a day:
I have never been a big water drinker, not until I found out the benefits of it. Since the start of the New Year I have ensured that I drink at least 2 plus litres of water day. It’s now nearly the third month in and I am drinking 3 plus litres now. I have seen a huge difference, not only in myself but on the scales too. Despite the fact I do go to the toilet 10 times more now (which my body will eventually get used to) I feel a lot slimmer and my skin is so much better than it used to be. It also helps prevent cancers, helps boost energy and helps you lose weight. For more info on Drinking Plenty of Water click the link.


3.Eating breakfast in the first hour of waking up:

I never used to have breakfast, or it would be much later in the day. I would get to work 8 and not have my breakfast until 10:30. Which actually was a waste of time as they say to eat it in the first hour of waking up. What it does is kick start your metabolism. so once you’ve eaten your breakfast your body can start to work on burning fat and calories naturally throughout he day. fail to do so and you’ll get a slow metabolism and anything you do eat then your body will store and you would find that losing weight is much harder. So I am forcing myself to eat breakfast early now, and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. the first initial bite is a struggle, but once that’s out of the way it’s OK.

4.Eating little as often:

Instead of having 3 small meals a day, they actually recommend 4-5 small meals a day, the same with the breakfast, just keeps your metabolism going. So you would have your breakfast with black coffee, then would have a mid morning snack, then lunch, then mid afternoon snack then dinner and maybe a protein shake after workout. By doing this your body with burn fat and calories naturally through out the day, so working out will burn more and you wont feel starving and you’ll feel fuller for longer and stick to your dieting.

5.Eating carbohydrates after workouts:

For the years I have been on this weight loss journey, I only thought to lose weight fast was to cut out the carbs, oh was I wrong. I have learned that you need carbs for energy and to refuel you body. For rest days I would have reduced carb meals through out the day, avoiding rice, pasta, and potato and on work out days I would introduce carbs especially after work outs, and would usually have basmati rice with curry or a jacket potato. This is important, because I didn’t use to eat carbs at all for a long time, and found that after not having carbs for that long and eventually having carbs then the pounds would just pile on quicker. Now that I eat carbs I actually lose weight as fast as I did, not eating them, and having the benefit of not putting on the weight as quicker if I have a weekend away. Also I feel fuller and don’t think I’m on a diet, as it helps my carb cravings and Helps make me feel fuller for longer.

6.Eating reduced carbohydrate meals on rest days:

In the point before I talked about eating reduced carb meals on rest days. The reason for this is because you are resting you don’t get a chance to burn off calories, and if you don’t work out then your body will store most foods it intakes. It’s important to know when to eat carbs and when not to. on a normal rest day I would usually alternate my carbs, check out my previous blog – Carbohydrate Alternatives – for ideas on what to eat on low carb days.

7.Drinking “slimatee” before bed:

I don’t know if you have heard of these kind of teas. Fit tea or Bootea is a popular brand. Slimatee is a cheap alternative from Holland and Barrett. I swear by it, I drink it every other night some times, It’s just a great way to lose those extra pounds. So a quick breakdown without getting into too much detail. The tea uses laxative leaves and it’s organic, so basically it detoxes your body, clearing it out and getting rid of bad toxins. I will post a blog about it soon to get in more detail of how it works for me and important info. Before purchasing in these kind of products I do highly recommend checking out the companies Q&A’s as it detoxes your body, any prescriptions you take will be affected, you just need to know what time of day to take it.


Hope you liked the read guys. Hope it was useful, and I really do recommend every point in the post on your weight loss journey. Let me know if any of them are a success. Any tips and comments from you would be great, I love hearing your input.

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Weekends: Meal Prepping

Our weekends have changed quite a bit after purchasing Joe Wicks Lean In 15 book. It has all you need to know about weight loss, carbohydrates, meal prepping, low carbs and post work out meals and some exercises too. It’s such a great book and since having it I have a better understanding on how to to be healthy while on a diet.

So me and my boyfriend have been changing our weekends, from maybe lazying around to actually doing something productive. We used to go for really long walks but the weather hasnt been great for the last couple of months in Wales.

We have been spending our saturdays going shopping to Aldi or Lidl as they are a lot cheaper to get meats and veg from. We would decide what we are having to eat mid week, so that we know what we are wanting to buy to prepare for the following week. We are so organised!

Then we would spend our Sunday morning at the kitchen, preparing all the meals for the following week. We go through a lot of tupperwear by doing this. Figuring out what we have to refridgerate  and what to freeze.

To be honest Emyr does all the work at the kitchen I just take pictures and observe! I bought a blender so it’s so much less hassle when preparing foods.

We usually decide on 2 different meals, 1 post work out meal which is quite a high carb meal from the lean in 15 book. And then 1 reduced carb meal. And then we would have a snack from the book to maybe have as lunch some days. But we would just have salad for the rest of the days during the week. He would then make enough for the both of us for all the days of the week.

For example:

All the food from last week.
Emyr made tuna fritters as snacks, but we would actually eat them for lunch some days too. He had made a chicken pie from the book, he cut this into 6 pieces, so 3 each and this was a post work out meal as I go to fitness classes 3 times a week. He also made chilli con avacado from the book, which was enough for the other 2 days which were rest days.

It honestly is so worth it because we actually don’t have to worry about what we are going to have for tea or lunch the next day. And due too lack of preperation probably I would give up quicker and just go out to eat.

Here’s another example:

This weeks food all prepared.
Same again really. Tuna fritters for snacks or lunch, he had made homeade tortilla chips too to have on the sunday night as it was Valentines. Then there is a Curry to have with basmati rice after work outs, and a Goan Fish Curry with cauliflower rice on rest days. And another snack Emyr made was a Mackrell pate and it’s so nice. It’s very handy a couple of hours before going to a fitness class with a cracker bread.

I would highly recommend purchasing the book, you can find it on Amazon, and just get yourself organised and prepare all the meals on a Sunday morning so you don’t have to worry about what you’re eating the following week. It keeps me on track and I can guarantee results with weightloss like this.

Hope you guys liked the read. I have another post about “Meal Prepping” just click here. Please follow for more weight loss blogs or beauty blogs. Thanks

Don’t Starve

I’m a proper foodie, I think about food the minute I wake up, even planning on what to eat the week before 🙈 So the thought of starving myself while on a diet really puts me off.

The thing about starving yourself on a diet is that you SHOULDN’T!! It’s not about the quantity it’s about the quality. They recommend 5 meals a day, which sounds great to me as I would know that I would never starve. Little as often they would say. I would have my breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, tea and then post work out snack, to consume this much I ensure I exercise to burn it off.

The quality of the food should be fresh and can only last a few days, not processed food such as micro meals, frozen foods, jars and tins that can last up to a year. I know it can be expensive but I try to shop at these discounted stores to get the best deal for my fresh foods.

Starving yourself on a diet can be really bad for your health, skipping meals is just a big NO! The reason behind “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is that it kicks start you metabolism, allowing you to burn calories and fat naturally throughout the day.

Throughout the day you should eat small portions of healthy foods while on a diet. Example of my typical daily diet:


I would usually have a handful of almonds or a boiled egg with black coffee for breakfast as I’m not usually a breakfast person and struggle to eat in the morning, I would have this around 10am. Then for a mid morning snack I would have chopped up cucumber or raw carrot sticks, this keeps me going and doesn’t make me starve, I would eat that around 11:30am. Then for lunch I would have salad or something i would have prepped the Sunday before and I would have this 1pm. Then for a mid afternoon snack I would have a handful of almonds and a black coffee again, I would have that around 3pm. Then I would go home and have tea if I didn’t have class or I would wait to go to class and have tea after. So something with carbs in after exercise and low carbs meals if I haven’t exercised.

Drinking a lot of water is also important while on a diet, I try to drink 3 ltrs a day now which I used to struggle with but it’s now more of a habit. So make sure you consume over 2 ltrs of water while on a diet and you’ll see results fast.

If you do starve yourself then once you would eat, your body would latch on to the foods you consume as it thinks its all it’s getting because it hasn’t had anything to kick start the metabolism, and then it will store those foods and eventually turn into fat.

If you are keeping fit, then starving is not the best way. You are bound to feel weak when you starve yourself and having to exercise will make it work. You would get a headache and possibly faint as your body hasn’t consumed anything to burn off. So ensure you eat something couple of hours before exercise and after.

And feeling hungry isn’t going to help you maintain your diet. Being hungry will make you think of all those junk foods you can have to stop the hunger, thinking about the food you love and how much you are wanting them. So eventually you get hungrier and give up and eat the junk foods you love.

Basically what I’m trying to tell you is to keep eating on a diet, eat healthy, fresh foods not processed. Eat 5 small portions of meals a day with 3ltrs of water and you’ll see fantastic results. I have been on the diet and fitness train since 2014 and have lost 3 stone, so from experience I know that starving isn’t a solution. Just remember to keep exercising to ensure you burn fat and maintain your diet and KEEP GOING, DON’T GIVE UP!!


Hope you liked the read, and hope you’ll change your mind about the amount you eat now. Follow for more weight loss tips and beauty blogs.


Affordable Make Up

I’m new into the make up industry and didn’t want to rush in and buy all the expensive brands with different make ups. I wanted to experiment first to see what I can do with all these different make ups. At this point Ebay was my best friend these are not drug store products). In this blog I will show what products I use on my face that are an alternative from these expensive brands, what I think about them and how cheap they are.

I knew what the expensive brands were at this point as I had watched a lot of YouTube blogs and tutorials. What I would do is go on Ebay and type in similar key words to the brands. Trusting Ebay there were many companies selling a cheaper version. I would always make sure i refine where the item was coming from, I would change delivered from to UK only, saving me looking at items from China which takes about 4 weeks to arrive and maybe too cheap. And I would always look for free postage and buy from a company that has more than one of the item in stock (that’s just me being fussy or paranoid).

From what I had gathered I needed a Eye shadow palette, Translucent powder, highlighter, brow powder, beauty blenders, contour items, make up brushes and long lasting lip glosses. So that’s what I searched for in Ebay and eventually found everything I was looking for, ordered and got delivered.

Translucent powder:

Most people have Laura Mercier which is roughly £20-£30. I searched for translucent powder or setting powder on Ebay. I had heard of the brand before L.A. GIRL. I bought it for £7.75 (free postage). I use this after I contour to set it, and find that it’s very deceiving, I would try and blend it in and then I would take a picture with flash and it would show on the camera, so I always have to take my time with blending it in. I suppose for experimenting it’s ok. And will move on to a Laura Mercier one eventually.


Again this was new to me as I had never contoured before. Seeing YouTube tutorials and instagram videos inspired me. So I looked it up, and found that there was a large variety of products to help contour. Powders, creams or different tones of foundation or concealers. Most people would use Anastasia Beverly Hills or Smashbox which would be between £35-£40. As I hadn’t had experience I needed to find cheap ones to experiment with. I got to Ebay and typed “contour kit” and found a decent one for £5.99 (free postage) tried It and wasn’t too keen, not the right colours for me and was too shiny. Then I came across LA Girl – Pro Conceal on Ebay in different shades. So I got 2 and haven’t looked back, these were £3.75 each.

LA GIRL – PRO CONCEAL – £3.75 each
Lip Liners:

These are not the most expensive make ups ever, but like me you can find them cheaper. A lot of people would use MAC lip liners as they have a variety of colours. For me, again, didn’t have experience with Lip Liners before so went to Primark and got 2 £1 each. I chose neutral colours, a pink and a brown so it would go with a lot of colours. The Liner in the middle was from Ebay, it was actually for free from another purchase if you spent £5.50 on two lip glosses (picture below)

Lip Gloss:

So many to chose from, but which ones. At the moment it’s all about Kylie Jenner Lip Kit “lipkitbykylie” which includes a lasting lip gloss and a liner. You’ll find this at about £20. For me, I found 2 lasting lip glosses on Ebay, both of them for £5.50 and a free lip liner (free postage) I couldn’t wait to try them. And I cant fault them, they don’t come off easy and they do last.


There are so many different highlighters out there. Right now the craze is Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills which I think looks amazing and would love to buy one, but they are roughly £40. Too expensive for me and as I haven’t had experience before I thought I would look for something similar. My liquid highlighter actually looks like the Benefits; High Beam highlighter, but it is actually Technic – High Lights which I got from Ebay, and this was £4.20 (free postage) compared to Benefits £19. I think it works fine, but I prefer the powder.

A powdered high lighter is my favourite from what I have tried. To start me off with my experience I went on Ebay again and looked for a powder highlighter, I found this one which is Freedom – Pro Highlight which was £6.10 (free postage).


I have always had a pencil eye brow liner, but since seeing a lot of people use dip brows I thought I would move on in the brow world. I had seen Benefit – Browzing. Which I thought was amazing but for £25 I wasn’t willing on paying for something I had never tried before. Went on Ebay and searched for Dip Brow or Browzing. This came up which I thought was perfect. Same company as the highlighter that looked like benefit, and this one too. I had trusted Technic with the High Lights so I knew to trust this. I have actually fallen in love with this. I cannot stop using it. Even though it’s very worn down as you can see (It didn’t arrive in this condition) I love it anyway. So I only got this fr £3.95 on Ebay, and I would definitely get another one.

Eye shadow palettes:

OK, we know how many of these are out there, a ton! Most common is probably Urban Decay – Naked Palettes which vary probably £20-£30. Too expensive for me, so got on Ebay and found a ton of cheap palettes, needed to experiment so got one with many colours on it. Found this one called LAROC -BEGINNERS COLLECTION. It’s been really good, I haven’t got through all the colours yet but I’m working on it and they stay on and are pigmented which is great, and it was only £3.99 on Ebay (free postage)

LAROC – EBAY – £3.99
This is an interesting one as it looks exactly like Urban Decay – Naked 2, but I only bought it for £5.99 (free postage) and the company had more than one to sell. They must be store refunds or just small things wrong in them to be the same and be at that price, mind the writing on the colours weren’t there or anything, but it was good enough for me.

Beauty Blenders:

Saw videos of people using these so I had to have one. These are great blenders. The actual “BEAUTY BLENDER” brand sells these for £16 roughly. When I went on Ebay and found 2 for £5.98 for 2. Work exactly the same but the company I got them from were TEARDROP from Ebay.

TEARDROP – EBAY – £5.98 for both

The picture below shows all of the products from above (except foundation).






Check out me “Beauty: Foundation and Contouring routine” to find out how I apply some of the above products.

Thanks for reading guys, hope you like the blog. Hopefully you’ll find bargains just like I did if you’re new in the industry. Don’t hesitate to give tips and advice on more cheap products. See you soon.

Foundation and Contour Routine

I never wore make up to work before, only when I would go out shopping or for food and drinks. My skin has been bad all my life, constantly having blemishes and scabs on my chin and forehead. It’s not all about the outside, it’s about the inside too. I have been drinking a lot more water and my skin is clearer than ever, but also I use creams and skin care products for my face. I now wear make up everyday, foundation and brows. Never eye make up, only to go out.

I’m going to talk you through my foundation and contour routine and what products I use. (Youtube video can be seen at the end of this blog)


Prep and prime:

To start off I would moisturise my face with: CLINIQUE then I would apply CLINIQUE dark circle corrector under my eyes, I would let this dry while I do my hair. After drying I would then apply BENEFIT: Porefesional to my problem areas, for me is my chin and forehead. After this I would apply BENEFITS: That Gal primer to my cheeks, nose and forehead.


Concealer and Foundation:

BEFORE foundation, I will apply BENEFIT: Erase Paste (a pinky tone) to my chin, forehead and under my eyes, stroking down towards the floor. Then I would go ahead with my foundation, I use MAC: Studio Fix Fluid – NW20, using a foundation brush concentrating on where I haven’t put concealer on, then I would go on lightly on where my concealer is and working down to my neck ensuring I have covered everywhere. I would then use a BEAUTY BLENDER to blend everything in.


I would then use LAGIRL: Pro concealer in Light Ivory to cover under my eyes using the downward strokes, between my eyebrows up to my forehead, and on my nose from between my eyebrows down between my nostrils. After covering those areas I would then take my LAGIRL: Pro Concealer in Toast to concentrate on under my cheek bones, on the jaw line and on my hair line making lines with the concealer. Now that it’s all in place I would take a BEAUTY BLENDER and blend the palest colour 1st and then blend the darker colour.

Bronzer, Powders and Highlighter:

I would then go ahead and use a LAGIRL: Translucent powder to put on areas where my palest contouring went, and would actually apply with a BEAUTY BLENDER. I would leave that to work until I do my brows and bronzer. After my brows I would go on to bronzer, RIMMEL: Dream Sun and would work that onto where the darker contouring was applied and neck. I would then get a blusher brush and actually use this to blend in the LAGIRL: Translucent powder, I would take my time with this as it is very deceiving! After blending everything in I would move on to the highlighter, I have a powder which is FREEDOM or a liquid which is TECHNIC: High Lights. I prefer the powder, I would apply it on my cheek bones, tip of my nose, top of my lip and above my eyebrows.

imageMost of the products I use. Visit “Beauty: Cheap Alternative Make Up” to find our where I got some of my make ups from.

And here are the results:

Hope you guys liked this post. Hopefully I will make a video of my routine soon. Follow for more beauty or weight loss blogs. Thanks!

Find something you enjoy doing

I have tried and tested many exercises, but not all of them were for me, or I felt like I needed a little bit more, something harder to reach my goals. I find that to push myself I need the right motivation from the right people and the only way to do that is by attending exercise classes.

When I was at my biggest I realised I needed to start to get active, I hadn’t exercised in so long before this time, so I was very nervous. I knew I had to ease myself in, so I started going to the gym with a friend after work, treadmill or bike would be my main station, but wasn’t motivated enough to push myself, would always just end up chatting and never worked a sweat. The gym wasn’t for me I had realised and I nearly gave up.

I saw an advertisement for Zumba classes, I thought if I had someone tell me what to do I would push myself harder. I attended the Zumba classes, this was probably at the beginning of February 2014.

The classes were great for someone like me, you could work at your own pace, but It wasn’t that difficult anyway. I would always come out of there with a sweat so I knew It must have worked. Zumba only lasted maybe 4 weeks and attended twice a week. I needed to find something new, something that I needed to seriously do some fat burning and sweating with.

I heard a lot of people talking about a local circuit training called HABIT (hips, abs, bums, incredible thighs). I had heard people say they had lost a lot of weight attending these classes, so I signed up. The best motivation from these guys were that they would weigh you and measure you every 2 weeks to see improvement. I was nervous to start the classes, I remember the 1st ever class and I though I was going to die. The circuit would include a step ladder warm up of 5 minutes, and then main circuit with roughly 20 stations, 45 seconds on each station and then stretches, class would last 30 mins.

I started these classes at the beginning of March 2014, and in no time I had lost a lot of inches and in 5 weeks time I had lost 14lbs. I was very happy and really enjoyed the classes.

It got to a stage where I found the circuit got easier and I couldn’t lose more weight, therefore I needed something new and harder for myself. A woman that was attending these HABIT classes was also attending another local circuit called Body Fit held by LA the fitness people, she would always say that they really push you and that It was hard. I needed to sign up for it at this point.

Before starting with LA i needed to get my fitness up, so I started running on the treadmill. I would gradually aim for 3 miles or half an hour every time, but running is not for me. I do it as I know it helps me lose a lot of weight, but I struggle with breathing at nearly the end of the run.

I eventually signed up in July 2014, and I’ve never looked back! Not only they have 12 classes a week, they hold extra challenges which includes photos and weigh ins weekly to motivate you and extra classes such as a beginner class and a running club. The classes last an hour and it’s heavy going. It would include a warm up which is usually about 4 laps of running, then they would make drills of the exercises we will be working on, then its on to the main work out which lasts around 25 minutes and then its a 7 minute finisher and then stretches. It’s the best fitness class around here.

image(Picture of me in classes)

Luke and Arron are so good at motivating you. They want you to hit your goals as much as you do. They will push you when you feel like you can’t continue because they know that you can do it. And LA fitness clients are so friendly, we are basically like a team and we support each other through out. It’s great and I can’t imagine going to any other fitness class now.

image(Team photo)

Hope you liked this post. I do love to keep fit now that I have the right team am motivation I need. Make sure you find something you enjoy other wise you’ll quit easier. If you want to know more about my weight loss journey (click here). Please follow for more weight loss tips. Thanks guys!

My Weight Loss Journey

“A huge part of losing weight is believing you can do it and realising it’s not going to happen overnight.”

The journey:

As I was in school I never really noticed my weight gain. It all began in 6th form.. going out for lunch to the shop or Mcdonalds was a regular thing, crisps and chocolates for breakfast, having big meals for lunch, constantly snacking until tea time, then after tea would have a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and probably half a pack of biscuits, and didn’t do ANY exercise what so ever!! Basically it was disgusting and no wonder I got into the state I was. I was so unfit, lazy.. Made excuses, could hardly breath after walking up the stairs! Things just had to change!

It was New Years eve 2013 going into 2014 that I realised I was big, looking back at photos I was tagged in on facebook.. It was a shock as i had never been that big before! No wonder I wore baggy clothes all the time!🙈.

Beginning of February 2014 I thought I should be a little more active so I started walking with my mum around the village and started zumba classes with her! Always was sweaty after them 🙈 and at that time I knew I had to push myself harder to loose this weight!

So at the time the biggest fitness classes locally was called H.A.B.I.T, it was a 30 minute class of high intensity training.. Working on each section for 45 seconds and moving on to the next with 10 seconds rest inbetween. I remember my first ever HABIT class and probably thought I was going to die and probably was stiff for the entire week afterwards 😂, but I enjoyed and stayed. They would weigh and measure you every 2 weeks for motivation.

My begining weight was 12st 5lb, and as I knew I was going on a weight loss journey I took a picture. The picture shocked me and gave me even more motivation!! (Warning: I have so many progress pics because it’s the only way I can motivate myself, and it seriously works)

12st 5lb – March 2014

That picture gave me a fright! I had a goal in mind to lose 14lbs before a girls holiday in Zante that year in June.. 4 months to lose 14lbs (seemed impossible for me at the time). I started to notice a difference in my self and the way I looked, so I decided it was time for my first progress picture 😁 It was taken 3 weeks after starting HABIT, and then I waited another 9 weeks to put it on my Facebook and Instagram and to be honest I felt great and in this time I had lost that 14lb I was aiming for just purely by going to HABIT.

week 1, week 3 and week 9 – 1st progress pic
WOW! I felt amazing, people coming up to me telling me I look good, asking what I do and how I did it and I would tell them HABIT helped me! They gave me enough confidence to think I could run the local Race For Life, which was a 3 miler. I singed up and did it in 34 minutes. I continued going to HABIT, but I never changed my diet so I struggled maintaining my weight until Zante. I would still lose inches but not pounds. By now Zante had gone and I went straight back to HABIT, and had only gained 3lb while on holiday! Couple of months later I realised I needed something more, something harder to loose these pounds. I had heard someone talk about LA The Fitness people, saying that it was really good but hard working and they never give up on you. Just what I was looking for!!

It was July 2014 I started with LA which is 2 guys Luke and Arron, helping people hit their goals. To be honest I didnt know what to expect as I heard many things about them. You know that time I went to HABIT and I thought I was going to die, well this was 10 times worse, working on muscles I hadnt worked before, never did a Burpee before (they’re pretty keen on burpees🙈) but I honestly felt I had worked my hardest and pushed myself and really enjoyed what they had to offer!

It is now September , fitter and thinner than ever (thats what I thought). I wasn’t aware that they offered extra challanges for an extra price, this was my oppertunity! It came out that they were holding a 6 week challange, including a diet plan, home exercises and 24 hour contact with Luke or Arron, sounded perfect! So obviously I singed up. They asked that I would take before and after pictures and weigh on the 1st week, 3rd week and final week.

loss of 14lbs in 6 weeks
To this day, I don’t think I could have done it with out them! Really thankful that I had that oppertnity! So then it was October, November and December.. Which means birthday and christmas period. I still attended classes but didnt stick to the dieting. But managed to maintain and didnt put any weigh on, thankfully!

It’s now January 2015 “New Year, New Me” I had new goals and targets. Generally getting fitter and tone up! Which I did, I had a lot more knowledge of what to eat and what not to after that 6 week challange. So thats what I did.. Prepped my food in advance, breakfast, lunch, dinner and attended classes 3/4 times a week plus ran on the treadmill 2/3 times a week for 30 mins!

2 weeks before going to Warsaw which was in April 2015 I was actually 9st 7lb, which was the thinnest I have ever been! By this time I was 3 stone lighter than my 1st inital weight, which was amazing!!

After Warsaw, I had Tenerife in July. After Tenerife I had a blip, didnt attend classes, it was my boyfriends and friends birthdays, so I had let my self go, so much as 14lb put on!!

As I love food, once I start I can’t stop! But luckily LA had a 8 week challange that began in October 2015 up untill Christmas. Not the same challange as before, more of ideas of what food to eat on a facebook page with other clients and sharing ideas and motivating each other, posting pictures and weigh ins every Sunday.

I lost 3lbs in that 8 weeks as I was up and down with my weight, had occasions, partys! The challange made me maintain my weight atleast.

8 week challange – 3lb loss
Now it is January 2016 and I’m 10st 7lb after NYE in London. Now I was in trouble! I knew I had to start again and be serious and determind!! The 1st monday 4th of Jan I got started, cutting down the carbs, salads for lunch, healthy meals.. Drinking plenty of water.. Eventually got down to 10st 2lb by 10th of Jan.

Another challange which I am currently in is a 12 week challange. Started January 10th, same with the pictures and weigh ins every Sunday. We even had a proffesional photographer come in and take a picture of us in a sports bra and shorts (embarrasing) but a good way of motivating.

Day 1 10st 2lb – end of week 1 9st 11
proffesional photo – 10st 2lb before the 12 week challange and
Week 1 was a great success as I lost 5lbs and got down to 9st 11lb.

Week 2 – maintained but felt slimmer
Then typical I had a trip to Poland the 3rd week, luckily the weight didnt stay that long and I’m am wrighting this on the 4th week of the challange and hopefully i’ll be around the 9.12 mark 😁

Here are just a few more progress photos from me.

Hope you enjoyed that read. Appologies for it being so long, but it has been a long journey. It has been a very tough one I can assure you, but totally worth it! Hope I can motivate you enough to carry on with your journey..

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Keep yourself motivated

Keeping motivated is always a key factor of losing weight. If you aren’t motivated then you will fail to succeed. Keeping positive people around you that support you, comparing pictures that make you realise how far you have come and maybe keep target clothes you want to fit back into or buy new clothes (not too small) a realistic size and try them on when you feel comfortable to do so.

For me a big part of motivation is to post progress photos of my weight loss, comparing photos from the very beginning of my weight loss journey to where I am now. Posting it on social media, so that people can see and I always get positive feedback telling me that I have done great and asking what I do. It really gives me a little extra push at reaching goals.


124 likes is probably the most likes I’ve ever had on a post on Facebook 🙈 And the 9 comments were people telling my how amazing I look and telling me well done. You can imagine I wanted to carry on with keeping fit after that amount of support. People often mail me asking for help and tips on losing weight and I would always advise and tell them how I did it, it’s just good to know that I have inspired people to start their own journey.

Clothes also helps with my motivation, thinking I can’t fit in that dress, trying it on and it actually fits feels great. I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 8.. So every now and then on my journey I would clean out my closet, trying things on thinking do I need this, selling them on Depop or Ebay if they were too big for me. The amount of clothes I actually sold or threw out compared to my keep pile was a shock to me, It just showed me how far I had come. It was an excuse to go clothes shopping anyway, and for a smaller size 😁.

Having my boyfriend and parents support me is also a good thing. If they didn’t support me as much as they have over the years I would have struggled. My parents, especially my mother helped me get through the 1st part of my weight loss by attending Zumba classes with me and walking, then she would help me with my eating. She has always come with me to fitness classes and I am thankful ad I would have been too embarrassed to go on my own. My boyfriend is also weight conscious so he understands, so we keep ourselves motivated by making healthy foods together, go walking mountains together, if we have a binge we make sure we are straight back on it.

Now that I am sort of happy with the way I am, it’s all about maintaining. And it’s difficult when you love food like me. So I keep going to circuit training 3 times a week and try to run on the treadmill for 15-30 mins, and also eat clean.

My biggest mistake was probably weighing myself everyday, hoping I would loose 3lb in a day (haha think again) I’ve gotten to learn that it’s not about your weight once you hit this stage I am in. I train, I gain muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. My scales at home tell my my water percentage and body fat percentage which I most often go by now. I am on a 12 week transformation challenge at the moment and the do ask us for our weight and a photo every week. If I gain a pound, I’m not that worried. I have a target to lose pounds, but I have 12 weeks to do it, so it’s no rush. I have gone from weighing myself every day to once a week and if it wasn’t for this challenge I would probably occasionally weigh myself.

Hope you guys like my blog. Any feedback and comments on tips would be great. Thanks guys!



Meal prepping is key

Prepping your food is a key factor when trying to loose weight. I know from experience as I lack of preparation. It is a good idea to mentally prepare what and when you are going to eat everything the week before, and then on a Sunday afternoon, take a few hours in the kitchen to prepare all your meals for the week ahead.

Fail to do so and you easily forget (like me) to do your lunch the night before work and having to go out to a sandwich shop or even go and have something you really shouldn’t be having.

Me and my boyfriend took a Saturday afternoon to go shopping to a supermarket, cheap for meats and veg, as we had decided what we were going to eat that week, we knew exactly what to get and how much of it. Then we had a Sunday morning of prepping the meals, my boyfriend made a lovely chicken pie, chilli con avocado and tuna and courgette fritters all from the “Leanin15 – Joe Wicks” book.


The book has “Reduced Carbohydrate Meals”, “Post Work Out Meals” and “Snacks”. We have picked 1 post work out meal to have on circuit training days, which was the chicken pie. And then we have picked a reduced carb meal which we have on non training days which is the chilli con avocado, and the for snack is the fritters which we can have after work or when feeling pecish. We have salad in between to not make it repetitive.

We’ve kept Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays lunch and dinner in the fridge, and frozen the rest to just reheat. Simple. The only thing we have to worry about this week now is what we are going to prepare for next week 😁🙈

We cant go off track like this as it would waste the food that we had made. We know exactly what we are getting for everyday and I feel really good knowing that.

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail – Benjamin Frankin”


Carbohydrate Alternatives

I’ve always found that cutting out the carbs in my diet is the best way for me to lose weight fast. I wouldn’t recommend it for a long term solution, but I find for short term relief it works. For example 2 weeks before I go away on my travels knowing I’m going to have a slight binge I’ll cut the carbs out, only eating, salad, meats, veg and fish.

Example of 2 weeks from cutting out the carbs before Warsaw
As you can imagine that would be very boring, and it is. So when I am not cutting them out I try to maintain a low carb diet, allowing myself to have rice, pasta, wraps or potatoes. The great thing is, a new craze is to alternate them with veg.

I am currently on a 12 week challenge (you’ll find on my weight loss journey page) and someone posted a picture of “Courgetti” I was intrigued and had to ask more. It’s courgette made into spaghetti by either grating or you can get equipment to make it into thin strands like spaghetti. I had never heard of it before and found it a great way of having it with Bolognase or fish with sauce.

Shopping the next day and I saw 3 different cartons in the veg isle. Courgetti, Butter nut Spaghetti and carrot spaghetti. Great, don’t have to bother grating it just buy a carton (they weren’t processed) so I bought the butter nut and courgetti and tried both. Wasn’t too keen on the butter nut as the texture was to hard and didn’t really give the spaghetti feel, but had the Courgetti and had it a few times after and it’s awesome. As I always have it with sauce and meat it overpowers the taste of courgette, so I basically get the texture of spaghetti which is good enough for me.

image from google
We’ve also managed to find another carton in the supermarket which we used to do on our own. Cauliflower rice. We used to grate a cauliflower up and serve it with a curry, great alternative, not too unsimilar, and actually felt satisfied after and not bloated like you would with rice. Now we can buy a carton which is a lot easier and mess free.

example of a chicken korma and cauliflower rice we had the week before
Another way to alternate my carb cravings are “Slim Pasta” there are different kinds, noodles, penne, spaghetti and rice. I’ve had these a few times as they taste the same but have no carbs, no fat and very low in calories. I buy them from Holland and Barrett

The reason they have no carbs, no fat and low in calories are because they are made of organic Konjac flour and organic Juroat oat fibre. I don’t have them often, but it’s also a great way to not have your carbs that can ruin a diet.

I prefer the slim pasta to the courgetti but that’s my opinion, I would eat the courgetti more often as it’s a veg and healthier for you. Both are great in my eyes, but the slim pasta actually tastes like pasta 😁 and I am pasta mad!!

Probably the most common substitute is a sweet potato rather than a white potato I guess. Often My boyfriend would make sweet potato wedges, chips, mash or hash browns rather than with a regular potato. Both have a lot of nutrition in them but a Sweet potato has more percentage of vitamin A & C, more fibre, less calories and a fewer carbs.


Steak, peas and sweet potato chips
As you saw in the picture of the Korma with Cauliflower rice, you saw a book “Lean in 15, by Joe Wicks” me and my boyfriend are obsessed at the moment, that’s where we get all our new ideas from, He has low carb meals, and post work out meals too. It’s such a great book, I would highly recommend to anyone trying to eat healthy and lose weight. We can now enjoy being on a diet rather than be stuck with salad all the time.

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