Drink plenty of water.

I have never been into drinking water, until I realised the benefits of it.

Over the years I have drank a lot of Fizzy drinks like Diet Coke, and never really water. Would maybe struggle to drink a glass a day, even that. And I knew it wasn’t good for me, so I knew I needed to change.

Everyone I have talked to always recommends 3-4 litres a day, which I find really hard. I made sure in 2016 that it was my New Years Resolution to drink 2+ litres of water a day, and so far so good I have stuck to it and haven’t struggled, except having to go to the bathroom 10 times more often than I used to 🙈 Hopefully I will be able to drink at least 3-4 litres a day.

The benefits are unreal..


Were only in February and I’ve seen such a difference. I’ve always had a problem with my skin, having blemishes and constant spots on my chin area. Since drinking this amount of water it’s cleared it up so much! Feel a lot more confident.

Not only good for my skin, but I always felt bloated.. Even if I had dieted and exercised for a long time I would always get confused as to why I was bloated and it made me feel very uncomfortable and that I didn’t do well enough. The bloat has gone and I have a flatter tummy now. I suppose because it gets rid of all the bad toxins in your body that it gets rid of the bloat and also helps constipation.

Feeling a lot better after a month, exited to find out how I feel after a year.

If you struggle drinking water like I used to, then adding slices of lemon is good as that is also another way of detoxing the body. I have a Mason Jar which I add fruits to it then top up the water all day. It’s a good way of adding flavour. image

6 thoughts on “Drink plenty of water.”

  1. Congrats on setting your 2016 goal! A very very very good one may i add!
    I drink between 2-3 litres a day and have so for the past year. I barely drink anything else!
    The results are amazing and your body does get used to it so you eventually stop needing to pee every 10 seconds!

    I also keep a jug in the fridge with cucumber and mint in the water .. it’s a super refreshing drink to have when you first get home!

    Also having hot water first thing in the morning unlocks even more benefits for your body! You can also add some lemon.

    Best of luck, keep with it. You’re doing awesome!


    1. Thanks, I really needed to start drinking more of it. Also heard a lot of people saying they’ve lost a lot of pounds due to drinking it more. Does it? Ideal, happy to hear that! Ww yeah cucumber water is good aswell yes? Thanks for the tips and comments. Appreciate it!

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      1. The cucumber helps you to feel fuller, so you don’t get cravings for bad food.
        And it REALLY helps your skin!
        Also make sure you have your drink bottle on you at all times! I never leave the house without mine and mine is insulated .. so even if it’s left in the car, my water is still cold! I would definitely recommend spending the money to buy one!


  2. I personally have trouble remembering to drink lots of water. I know the health benefits but somehow it gets lost in a busy day. I have seen some people have success with https://bit.ly/2x5EQYR. What are some ideas on how you can keep from forgetting to do this important daily habit? Thanks.


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