Carbohydrate Alternatives

I’ve always found that cutting out the carbs in my diet is the best way for me to lose weight fast. I wouldn’t recommend it for a long term solution, but I find for short term relief it works. For example 2 weeks before I go away on my travels knowing I’m going to have a slight binge I’ll cut the carbs out, only eating, salad, meats, veg and fish.

Example of 2 weeks from cutting out the carbs before Warsaw
As you can imagine that would be very boring, and it is. So when I am not cutting them out I try to maintain a low carb diet, allowing myself to have rice, pasta, wraps or potatoes. The great thing is, a new craze is to alternate them with veg.

I am currently on a 12 week challenge (you’ll find on my weight loss journey page) and someone posted a picture of “Courgetti” I was intrigued and had to ask more. It’s courgette made into spaghetti by either grating or you can get equipment to make it into thin strands like spaghetti. I had never heard of it before and found it a great way of having it with Bolognase or fish with sauce.

Shopping the next day and I saw 3 different cartons in the veg isle. Courgetti, Butter nut Spaghetti and carrot spaghetti. Great, don’t have to bother grating it just buy a carton (they weren’t processed) so I bought the butter nut and courgetti and tried both. Wasn’t too keen on the butter nut as the texture was to hard and didn’t really give the spaghetti feel, but had the Courgetti and had it a few times after and it’s awesome. As I always have it with sauce and meat it overpowers the taste of courgette, so I basically get the texture of spaghetti which is good enough for me.

image from google
We’ve also managed to find another carton in the supermarket which we used to do on our own. Cauliflower rice. We used to grate a cauliflower up and serve it with a curry, great alternative, not too unsimilar, and actually felt satisfied after and not bloated like you would with rice. Now we can buy a carton which is a lot easier and mess free.

example of a chicken korma and cauliflower rice we had the week before
Another way to alternate my carb cravings are “Slim Pasta” there are different kinds, noodles, penne, spaghetti and rice. I’ve had these a few times as they taste the same but have no carbs, no fat and very low in calories. I buy them from Holland and Barrett

The reason they have no carbs, no fat and low in calories are because they are made of organic Konjac flour and organic Juroat oat fibre. I don’t have them often, but it’s also a great way to not have your carbs that can ruin a diet.

I prefer the slim pasta to the courgetti but that’s my opinion, I would eat the courgetti more often as it’s a veg and healthier for you. Both are great in my eyes, but the slim pasta actually tastes like pasta 😁 and I am pasta mad!!

Probably the most common substitute is a sweet potato rather than a white potato I guess. Often My boyfriend would make sweet potato wedges, chips, mash or hash browns rather than with a regular potato. Both have a lot of nutrition in them but a Sweet potato has more percentage of vitamin A & C, more fibre, less calories and a fewer carbs.


Steak, peas and sweet potato chips
As you saw in the picture of the Korma with Cauliflower rice, you saw a book “Lean in 15, by Joe Wicks” me and my boyfriend are obsessed at the moment, that’s where we get all our new ideas from, He has low carb meals, and post work out meals too. It’s such a great book, I would highly recommend to anyone trying to eat healthy and lose weight. We can now enjoy being on a diet rather than be stuck with salad all the time.

Hope you found this useful, please like or reblog. Any feedback or tips would be great, thanks!


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