My Weight Loss Journey

“A huge part of losing weight is believing you can do it and realising it’s not going to happen overnight.”

The journey:

As I was in school I never really noticed my weight gain. It all began in 6th form.. going out for lunch to the shop or Mcdonalds was a regular thing, crisps and chocolates for breakfast, having big meals for lunch, constantly snacking until tea time, then after tea would have a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and probably half a pack of biscuits, and didn’t do ANY exercise what so ever!! Basically it was disgusting and no wonder I got into the state I was. I was so unfit, lazy.. Made excuses, could hardly breath after walking up the stairs! Things just had to change!

It was New Years eve 2013 going into 2014 that I realised I was big, looking back at photos I was tagged in on facebook.. It was a shock as i had never been that big before! No wonder I wore baggy clothes all the time!🙈.

Beginning of February 2014 I thought I should be a little more active so I started walking with my mum around the village and started zumba classes with her! Always was sweaty after them 🙈 and at that time I knew I had to push myself harder to loose this weight!

So at the time the biggest fitness classes locally was called H.A.B.I.T, it was a 30 minute class of high intensity training.. Working on each section for 45 seconds and moving on to the next with 10 seconds rest inbetween. I remember my first ever HABIT class and probably thought I was going to die and probably was stiff for the entire week afterwards 😂, but I enjoyed and stayed. They would weigh and measure you every 2 weeks for motivation.

My begining weight was 12st 5lb, and as I knew I was going on a weight loss journey I took a picture. The picture shocked me and gave me even more motivation!! (Warning: I have so many progress pics because it’s the only way I can motivate myself, and it seriously works)

12st 5lb – March 2014

That picture gave me a fright! I had a goal in mind to lose 14lbs before a girls holiday in Zante that year in June.. 4 months to lose 14lbs (seemed impossible for me at the time). I started to notice a difference in my self and the way I looked, so I decided it was time for my first progress picture 😁 It was taken 3 weeks after starting HABIT, and then I waited another 9 weeks to put it on my Facebook and Instagram and to be honest I felt great and in this time I had lost that 14lb I was aiming for just purely by going to HABIT.

week 1, week 3 and week 9 – 1st progress pic
WOW! I felt amazing, people coming up to me telling me I look good, asking what I do and how I did it and I would tell them HABIT helped me! They gave me enough confidence to think I could run the local Race For Life, which was a 3 miler. I singed up and did it in 34 minutes. I continued going to HABIT, but I never changed my diet so I struggled maintaining my weight until Zante. I would still lose inches but not pounds. By now Zante had gone and I went straight back to HABIT, and had only gained 3lb while on holiday! Couple of months later I realised I needed something more, something harder to loose these pounds. I had heard someone talk about LA The Fitness people, saying that it was really good but hard working and they never give up on you. Just what I was looking for!!

It was July 2014 I started with LA which is 2 guys Luke and Arron, helping people hit their goals. To be honest I didnt know what to expect as I heard many things about them. You know that time I went to HABIT and I thought I was going to die, well this was 10 times worse, working on muscles I hadnt worked before, never did a Burpee before (they’re pretty keen on burpees🙈) but I honestly felt I had worked my hardest and pushed myself and really enjoyed what they had to offer!

It is now September , fitter and thinner than ever (thats what I thought). I wasn’t aware that they offered extra challanges for an extra price, this was my oppertunity! It came out that they were holding a 6 week challange, including a diet plan, home exercises and 24 hour contact with Luke or Arron, sounded perfect! So obviously I singed up. They asked that I would take before and after pictures and weigh on the 1st week, 3rd week and final week.

loss of 14lbs in 6 weeks
To this day, I don’t think I could have done it with out them! Really thankful that I had that oppertnity! So then it was October, November and December.. Which means birthday and christmas period. I still attended classes but didnt stick to the dieting. But managed to maintain and didnt put any weigh on, thankfully!

It’s now January 2015 “New Year, New Me” I had new goals and targets. Generally getting fitter and tone up! Which I did, I had a lot more knowledge of what to eat and what not to after that 6 week challange. So thats what I did.. Prepped my food in advance, breakfast, lunch, dinner and attended classes 3/4 times a week plus ran on the treadmill 2/3 times a week for 30 mins!

2 weeks before going to Warsaw which was in April 2015 I was actually 9st 7lb, which was the thinnest I have ever been! By this time I was 3 stone lighter than my 1st inital weight, which was amazing!!

After Warsaw, I had Tenerife in July. After Tenerife I had a blip, didnt attend classes, it was my boyfriends and friends birthdays, so I had let my self go, so much as 14lb put on!!

As I love food, once I start I can’t stop! But luckily LA had a 8 week challange that began in October 2015 up untill Christmas. Not the same challange as before, more of ideas of what food to eat on a facebook page with other clients and sharing ideas and motivating each other, posting pictures and weigh ins every Sunday.

I lost 3lbs in that 8 weeks as I was up and down with my weight, had occasions, partys! The challange made me maintain my weight atleast.

8 week challange – 3lb loss
Now it is January 2016 and I’m 10st 7lb after NYE in London. Now I was in trouble! I knew I had to start again and be serious and determind!! The 1st monday 4th of Jan I got started, cutting down the carbs, salads for lunch, healthy meals.. Drinking plenty of water.. Eventually got down to 10st 2lb by 10th of Jan.

Another challange which I am currently in is a 12 week challange. Started January 10th, same with the pictures and weigh ins every Sunday. We even had a proffesional photographer come in and take a picture of us in a sports bra and shorts (embarrasing) but a good way of motivating.

Day 1 10st 2lb – end of week 1 9st 11
proffesional photo – 10st 2lb before the 12 week challange and
Week 1 was a great success as I lost 5lbs and got down to 9st 11lb.

Week 2 – maintained but felt slimmer
Then typical I had a trip to Poland the 3rd week, luckily the weight didnt stay that long and I’m am wrighting this on the 4th week of the challange and hopefully i’ll be around the 9.12 mark 😁

Here are just a few more progress photos from me.

Hope you enjoyed that read. Appologies for it being so long, but it has been a long journey. It has been a very tough one I can assure you, but totally worth it! Hope I can motivate you enough to carry on with your journey..

Please reblog or like, or if you have any comments or tips for me please feel free to leave some as I appriciate every feedback. Thanks guys!

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