Keep yourself motivated

Keeping motivated is always a key factor of losing weight. If you aren’t motivated then you will fail to succeed. Keeping positive people around you that support you, comparing pictures that make you realise how far you have come and maybe keep target clothes you want to fit back into or buy new clothes (not too small) a realistic size and try them on when you feel comfortable to do so.

For me a big part of motivation is to post progress photos of my weight loss, comparing photos from the very beginning of my weight loss journey to where I am now. Posting it on social media, so that people can see and I always get positive feedback telling me that I have done great and asking what I do. It really gives me a little extra push at reaching goals.


124 likes is probably the most likes I’ve ever had on a post on Facebook 🙈 And the 9 comments were people telling my how amazing I look and telling me well done. You can imagine I wanted to carry on with keeping fit after that amount of support. People often mail me asking for help and tips on losing weight and I would always advise and tell them how I did it, it’s just good to know that I have inspired people to start their own journey.

Clothes also helps with my motivation, thinking I can’t fit in that dress, trying it on and it actually fits feels great. I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 8.. So every now and then on my journey I would clean out my closet, trying things on thinking do I need this, selling them on Depop or Ebay if they were too big for me. The amount of clothes I actually sold or threw out compared to my keep pile was a shock to me, It just showed me how far I had come. It was an excuse to go clothes shopping anyway, and for a smaller size 😁.

Having my boyfriend and parents support me is also a good thing. If they didn’t support me as much as they have over the years I would have struggled. My parents, especially my mother helped me get through the 1st part of my weight loss by attending Zumba classes with me and walking, then she would help me with my eating. She has always come with me to fitness classes and I am thankful ad I would have been too embarrassed to go on my own. My boyfriend is also weight conscious so he understands, so we keep ourselves motivated by making healthy foods together, go walking mountains together, if we have a binge we make sure we are straight back on it.

Now that I am sort of happy with the way I am, it’s all about maintaining. And it’s difficult when you love food like me. So I keep going to circuit training 3 times a week and try to run on the treadmill for 15-30 mins, and also eat clean.

My biggest mistake was probably weighing myself everyday, hoping I would loose 3lb in a day (haha think again) I’ve gotten to learn that it’s not about your weight once you hit this stage I am in. I train, I gain muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. My scales at home tell my my water percentage and body fat percentage which I most often go by now. I am on a 12 week transformation challenge at the moment and the do ask us for our weight and a photo every week. If I gain a pound, I’m not that worried. I have a target to lose pounds, but I have 12 weeks to do it, so it’s no rush. I have gone from weighing myself every day to once a week and if it wasn’t for this challenge I would probably occasionally weigh myself.

Hope you guys like my blog. Any feedback and comments on tips would be great. Thanks guys!



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