Meal prepping is key

Prepping your food is a key factor when trying to loose weight. I know from experience as I lack of preparation. It is a good idea to mentally prepare what and when you are going to eat everything the week before, and then on a Sunday afternoon, take a few hours in the kitchen to prepare all your meals for the week ahead.

Fail to do so and you easily forget (like me) to do your lunch the night before work and having to go out to a sandwich shop or even go and have something you really shouldn’t be having.

Me and my boyfriend took a Saturday afternoon to go shopping to a supermarket, cheap for meats and veg, as we had decided what we were going to eat that week, we knew exactly what to get and how much of it. Then we had a Sunday morning of prepping the meals, my boyfriend made a lovely chicken pie, chilli con avocado and tuna and courgette fritters all from the “Leanin15 – Joe Wicks” book.


The book has “Reduced Carbohydrate Meals”, “Post Work Out Meals” and “Snacks”. We have picked 1 post work out meal to have on circuit training days, which was the chicken pie. And then we have picked a reduced carb meal which we have on non training days which is the chilli con avocado, and the for snack is the fritters which we can have after work or when feeling pecish. We have salad in between to not make it repetitive.

We’ve kept Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays lunch and dinner in the fridge, and frozen the rest to just reheat. Simple. The only thing we have to worry about this week now is what we are going to prepare for next week 😁🙈

We cant go off track like this as it would waste the food that we had made. We know exactly what we are getting for everyday and I feel really good knowing that.

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail – Benjamin Frankin”


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