Foundation and Contour Routine

I never wore make up to work before, only when I would go out shopping or for food and drinks. My skin has been bad all my life, constantly having blemishes and scabs on my chin and forehead. It’s not all about the outside, it’s about the inside too. I have been drinking a lot more water and my skin is clearer than ever, but also I use creams and skin care products for my face. I now wear make up everyday, foundation and brows. Never eye make up, only to go out.

I’m going to talk you through my foundation and contour routine and what products I use. (Youtube video can be seen at the end of this blog)


Prep and prime:

To start off I would moisturise my face with: CLINIQUE then I would apply CLINIQUE dark circle corrector under my eyes, I would let this dry while I do my hair. After drying I would then apply BENEFIT: Porefesional to my problem areas, for me is my chin and forehead. After this I would apply BENEFITS: That Gal primer to my cheeks, nose and forehead.


Concealer and Foundation:

BEFORE foundation, I will apply BENEFIT: Erase Paste (a pinky tone) to my chin, forehead and under my eyes, stroking down towards the floor. Then I would go ahead with my foundation, I use MAC: Studio Fix Fluid – NW20, using a foundation brush concentrating on where I haven’t put concealer on, then I would go on lightly on where my concealer is and working down to my neck ensuring I have covered everywhere. I would then use a BEAUTY BLENDER to blend everything in.


I would then use LAGIRL: Pro concealer in Light Ivory to cover under my eyes using the downward strokes, between my eyebrows up to my forehead, and on my nose from between my eyebrows down between my nostrils. After covering those areas I would then take my LAGIRL: Pro Concealer in Toast to concentrate on under my cheek bones, on the jaw line and on my hair line making lines with the concealer. Now that it’s all in place I would take a BEAUTY BLENDER and blend the palest colour 1st and then blend the darker colour.

Bronzer, Powders and Highlighter:

I would then go ahead and use a LAGIRL: Translucent powder to put on areas where my palest contouring went, and would actually apply with a BEAUTY BLENDER. I would leave that to work until I do my brows and bronzer. After my brows I would go on to bronzer, RIMMEL: Dream Sun and would work that onto where the darker contouring was applied and neck. I would then get a blusher brush and actually use this to blend in the LAGIRL: Translucent powder, I would take my time with this as it is very deceiving! After blending everything in I would move on to the highlighter, I have a powder which is FREEDOM or a liquid which is TECHNIC: High Lights. I prefer the powder, I would apply it on my cheek bones, tip of my nose, top of my lip and above my eyebrows.

imageMost of the products I use. Visit “Beauty: Cheap Alternative Make Up” to find our where I got some of my make ups from.

And here are the results:

Hope you guys liked this post. Hopefully I will make a video of my routine soon. Follow for more beauty or weight loss blogs. Thanks!

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