Find something you enjoy doing

I have tried and tested many exercises, but not all of them were for me, or I felt like I needed a little bit more, something harder to reach my goals. I find that to push myself I need the right motivation from the right people and the only way to do that is by attending exercise classes.

When I was at my biggest I realised I needed to start to get active, I hadn’t exercised in so long before this time, so I was very nervous. I knew I had to ease myself in, so I started going to the gym with a friend after work, treadmill or bike would be my main station, but wasn’t motivated enough to push myself, would always just end up chatting and never worked a sweat. The gym wasn’t for me I had realised and I nearly gave up.

I saw an advertisement for Zumba classes, I thought if I had someone tell me what to do I would push myself harder. I attended the Zumba classes, this was probably at the beginning of February 2014.

The classes were great for someone like me, you could work at your own pace, but It wasn’t that difficult anyway. I would always come out of there with a sweat so I knew It must have worked. Zumba only lasted maybe 4 weeks and attended twice a week. I needed to find something new, something that I needed to seriously do some fat burning and sweating with.

I heard a lot of people talking about a local circuit training called HABIT (hips, abs, bums, incredible thighs). I had heard people say they had lost a lot of weight attending these classes, so I signed up. The best motivation from these guys were that they would weigh you and measure you every 2 weeks to see improvement. I was nervous to start the classes, I remember the 1st ever class and I though I was going to die. The circuit would include a step ladder warm up of 5 minutes, and then main circuit with roughly 20 stations, 45 seconds on each station and then stretches, class would last 30 mins.

I started these classes at the beginning of March 2014, and in no time I had lost a lot of inches and in 5 weeks time I had lost 14lbs. I was very happy and really enjoyed the classes.

It got to a stage where I found the circuit got easier and I couldn’t lose more weight, therefore I needed something new and harder for myself. A woman that was attending these HABIT classes was also attending another local circuit called Body Fit held by LA the fitness people, she would always say that they really push you and that It was hard. I needed to sign up for it at this point.

Before starting with LA i needed to get my fitness up, so I started running on the treadmill. I would gradually aim for 3 miles or half an hour every time, but running is not for me. I do it as I know it helps me lose a lot of weight, but I struggle with breathing at nearly the end of the run.

I eventually signed up in July 2014, and I’ve never looked back! Not only they have 12 classes a week, they hold extra challenges which includes photos and weigh ins weekly to motivate you and extra classes such as a beginner class and a running club. The classes last an hour and it’s heavy going. It would include a warm up which is usually about 4 laps of running, then they would make drills of the exercises we will be working on, then its on to the main work out which lasts around 25 minutes and then its a 7 minute finisher and then stretches. It’s the best fitness class around here.

image(Picture of me in classes)

Luke and Arron are so good at motivating you. They want you to hit your goals as much as you do. They will push you when you feel like you can’t continue because they know that you can do it. And LA fitness clients are so friendly, we are basically like a team and we support each other through out. It’s great and I can’t imagine going to any other fitness class now.

image(Team photo)

Hope you liked this post. I do love to keep fit now that I have the right team am motivation I need. Make sure you find something you enjoy other wise you’ll quit easier. If you want to know more about my weight loss journey (click here). Please follow for more weight loss tips. Thanks guys!

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