Don’t Starve

I’m a proper foodie, I think about food the minute I wake up, even planning on what to eat the week before 🙈 So the thought of starving myself while on a diet really puts me off.

The thing about starving yourself on a diet is that you SHOULDN’T!! It’s not about the quantity it’s about the quality. They recommend 5 meals a day, which sounds great to me as I would know that I would never starve. Little as often they would say. I would have my breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, tea and then post work out snack, to consume this much I ensure I exercise to burn it off.

The quality of the food should be fresh and can only last a few days, not processed food such as micro meals, frozen foods, jars and tins that can last up to a year. I know it can be expensive but I try to shop at these discounted stores to get the best deal for my fresh foods.

Starving yourself on a diet can be really bad for your health, skipping meals is just a big NO! The reason behind “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is that it kicks start you metabolism, allowing you to burn calories and fat naturally throughout the day.

Throughout the day you should eat small portions of healthy foods while on a diet. Example of my typical daily diet:


I would usually have a handful of almonds or a boiled egg with black coffee for breakfast as I’m not usually a breakfast person and struggle to eat in the morning, I would have this around 10am. Then for a mid morning snack I would have chopped up cucumber or raw carrot sticks, this keeps me going and doesn’t make me starve, I would eat that around 11:30am. Then for lunch I would have salad or something i would have prepped the Sunday before and I would have this 1pm. Then for a mid afternoon snack I would have a handful of almonds and a black coffee again, I would have that around 3pm. Then I would go home and have tea if I didn’t have class or I would wait to go to class and have tea after. So something with carbs in after exercise and low carbs meals if I haven’t exercised.

Drinking a lot of water is also important while on a diet, I try to drink 3 ltrs a day now which I used to struggle with but it’s now more of a habit. So make sure you consume over 2 ltrs of water while on a diet and you’ll see results fast.

If you do starve yourself then once you would eat, your body would latch on to the foods you consume as it thinks its all it’s getting because it hasn’t had anything to kick start the metabolism, and then it will store those foods and eventually turn into fat.

If you are keeping fit, then starving is not the best way. You are bound to feel weak when you starve yourself and having to exercise will make it work. You would get a headache and possibly faint as your body hasn’t consumed anything to burn off. So ensure you eat something couple of hours before exercise and after.

And feeling hungry isn’t going to help you maintain your diet. Being hungry will make you think of all those junk foods you can have to stop the hunger, thinking about the food you love and how much you are wanting them. So eventually you get hungrier and give up and eat the junk foods you love.

Basically what I’m trying to tell you is to keep eating on a diet, eat healthy, fresh foods not processed. Eat 5 small portions of meals a day with 3ltrs of water and you’ll see fantastic results. I have been on the diet and fitness train since 2014 and have lost 3 stone, so from experience I know that starving isn’t a solution. Just remember to keep exercising to ensure you burn fat and maintain your diet and KEEP GOING, DON’T GIVE UP!!


Hope you liked the read, and hope you’ll change your mind about the amount you eat now. Follow for more weight loss tips and beauty blogs.


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