Weekends: Meal Prepping

Our weekends have changed quite a bit after purchasing Joe Wicks Lean In 15 book. It has all you need to know about weight loss, carbohydrates, meal prepping, low carbs and post work out meals and some exercises too. It’s such a great book and since having it I have a better understanding on how to to be healthy while on a diet.

So me and my boyfriend have been changing our weekends, from maybe lazying around to actually doing something productive. We used to go for really long walks but the weather hasnt been great for the last couple of months in Wales.

We have been spending our saturdays going shopping to Aldi or Lidl as they are a lot cheaper to get meats and veg from. We would decide what we are having to eat mid week, so that we know what we are wanting to buy to prepare for the following week. We are so organised!

Then we would spend our Sunday morning at the kitchen, preparing all the meals for the following week. We go through a lot of tupperwear by doing this. Figuring out what we have to refridgerate  and what to freeze.

To be honest Emyr does all the work at the kitchen I just take pictures and observe! I bought a blender so it’s so much less hassle when preparing foods.

We usually decide on 2 different meals, 1 post work out meal which is quite a high carb meal from the lean in 15 book. And then 1 reduced carb meal. And then we would have a snack from the book to maybe have as lunch some days. But we would just have salad for the rest of the days during the week. He would then make enough for the both of us for all the days of the week.

For example:

All the food from last week.
Emyr made tuna fritters as snacks, but we would actually eat them for lunch some days too. He had made a chicken pie from the book, he cut this into 6 pieces, so 3 each and this was a post work out meal as I go to fitness classes 3 times a week. He also made chilli con avacado from the book, which was enough for the other 2 days which were rest days.

It honestly is so worth it because we actually don’t have to worry about what we are going to have for tea or lunch the next day. And due too lack of preperation probably I would give up quicker and just go out to eat.

Here’s another example:

This weeks food all prepared.
Same again really. Tuna fritters for snacks or lunch, he had made homeade tortilla chips too to have on the sunday night as it was Valentines. Then there is a Curry to have with basmati rice after work outs, and a Goan Fish Curry with cauliflower rice on rest days. And another snack Emyr made was a Mackrell pate and it’s so nice. It’s very handy a couple of hours before going to a fitness class with a cracker bread.

I would highly recommend purchasing the book, you can find it on Amazon, and just get yourself organised and prepare all the meals on a Sunday morning so you don’t have to worry about what you’re eating the following week. It keeps me on track and I can guarantee results with weightloss like this.

Hope you guys liked the read. I have another post about “Meal Prepping” just click here. Please follow for more weight loss blogs or beauty blogs. Thanks

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