7 Ways To Lose Weight Faster

7 Ways to lose weight, faster.

  1. Prepping meals for the week ahead
  2. Drink 3-4 litres of water a day
  3. Eating breakfast in the first hour of waking up
  4. Eating little as often
  5. Eating carbohydrates after work outs
  6. Eating reduced carbohydrate meals on rest days
  7. Drink “Slimatee” before bed.

These are points that I am only telling you about that have actually worked and I have experienced. My weight loss journey has been 2 years now and I have lost 3 stone, I lost the 3 stone a long time ago but now I try to maintain. You can find details on my weight loss journey here.

1.Prepping meals for the week ahead.

Spending a couple of hours in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon is totally worth it for this. This is so important when trying to lose weight, it means that you know every ingredient in your meals,  you wont be tempted to have a unhealthy meal or snack, and there are no excuses as to you didn’t prepare your food the night before and had to have chips for lunch. No!! Plus it’s hassle free and a lot cheaper. For more info on Meal Prepping click the link.

2.Drink 3-4 litres of water a day:
I have never been a big water drinker, not until I found out the benefits of it. Since the start of the New Year I have ensured that I drink at least 2 plus litres of water day. It’s now nearly the third month in and I am drinking 3 plus litres now. I have seen a huge difference, not only in myself but on the scales too. Despite the fact I do go to the toilet 10 times more now (which my body will eventually get used to) I feel a lot slimmer and my skin is so much better than it used to be. It also helps prevent cancers, helps boost energy and helps you lose weight. For more info on Drinking Plenty of Water click the link.


3.Eating breakfast in the first hour of waking up:

I never used to have breakfast, or it would be much later in the day. I would get to work 8 and not have my breakfast until 10:30. Which actually was a waste of time as they say to eat it in the first hour of waking up. What it does is kick start your metabolism. so once you’ve eaten your breakfast your body can start to work on burning fat and calories naturally throughout he day. fail to do so and you’ll get a slow metabolism and anything you do eat then your body will store and you would find that losing weight is much harder. So I am forcing myself to eat breakfast early now, and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. the first initial bite is a struggle, but once that’s out of the way it’s OK.

4.Eating little as often:

Instead of having 3 small meals a day, they actually recommend 4-5 small meals a day, the same with the breakfast, just keeps your metabolism going. So you would have your breakfast with black coffee, then would have a mid morning snack, then lunch, then mid afternoon snack then dinner and maybe a protein shake after workout. By doing this your body with burn fat and calories naturally through out the day, so working out will burn more and you wont feel starving and you’ll feel fuller for longer and stick to your dieting.

5.Eating carbohydrates after workouts:

For the years I have been on this weight loss journey, I only thought to lose weight fast was to cut out the carbs, oh was I wrong. I have learned that you need carbs for energy and to refuel you body. For rest days I would have reduced carb meals through out the day, avoiding rice, pasta, and potato and on work out days I would introduce carbs especially after work outs, and would usually have basmati rice with curry or a jacket potato. This is important, because I didn’t use to eat carbs at all for a long time, and found that after not having carbs for that long and eventually having carbs then the pounds would just pile on quicker. Now that I eat carbs I actually lose weight as fast as I did, not eating them, and having the benefit of not putting on the weight as quicker if I have a weekend away. Also I feel fuller and don’t think I’m on a diet, as it helps my carb cravings and Helps make me feel fuller for longer.

6.Eating reduced carbohydrate meals on rest days:

In the point before I talked about eating reduced carb meals on rest days. The reason for this is because you are resting you don’t get a chance to burn off calories, and if you don’t work out then your body will store most foods it intakes. It’s important to know when to eat carbs and when not to. on a normal rest day I would usually alternate my carbs, check out my previous blog – Carbohydrate Alternatives – for ideas on what to eat on low carb days.

7.Drinking “slimatee” before bed:

I don’t know if you have heard of these kind of teas. Fit tea or Bootea is a popular brand. Slimatee is a cheap alternative from Holland and Barrett. I swear by it, I drink it every other night some times, It’s just a great way to lose those extra pounds. So a quick breakdown without getting into too much detail. The tea uses laxative leaves and it’s organic, so basically it detoxes your body, clearing it out and getting rid of bad toxins. I will post a blog about it soon to get in more detail of how it works for me and important info. Before purchasing in these kind of products I do highly recommend checking out the companies Q&A’s as it detoxes your body, any prescriptions you take will be affected, you just need to know what time of day to take it.


Hope you liked the read guys. Hope it was useful, and I really do recommend every point in the post on your weight loss journey. Let me know if any of them are a success. Any tips and comments from you would be great, I love hearing your input.

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  1. You covered some very important things in your post. On top of that, one thing that helps me lose weight quick is this red tea from africa. I’ve been using it every day for the last 3 months and have never felt better! Here is the link to it, check it out: https://tinyurl.com/yc2lkhb4


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