Detox Tea – Need To Know

It’s been a couple of years on my weight loss journey and I’ve lost 42 pounds along the way, and what has helped me shred a few pounds it a Detox tea, I have tried a few but the one i’ve been drinking for probably a year and a half now is “Slimatee”


This is my go to Detox Tea, it’s cheap and has all the same ingredients and benefits as these big named brands such as Bootea. I used to purchase Bootea from Holland and Barrett and then in the same section I found ‘slimatee’ You can get 10 teabags for £2.95 or 20 teabags for £3.50 from Holland and Barrett, the Bootea is about £19.99 for a 28 day course.

If you are familiar with these kinds of teas, Bootea provides 2 different types of teabags, Day time and Night time. The day time teas are to kick start your metabolism and get your body to naturally burn calories and fat throughout the day. Night time teas are to detox your body overnight, take the tea before bed and wake up wanting to go to the toilet, like a laxative effect, getting rid of the bad toxins in your body and getting rid of any bloating. Slimatee is the same as a night time tea for the Bootea Company.

The directions and ingredients are available on the packaging after purchasing, but some of the effects and conditions are not. Here I am going to talk to you about How and when to take it, what are the effects after taking it and must know about these detox teas. These are from experience I am no detox tea expert but I do highly recommend for you to research before purchasing any sort of detox teas, that’s what I did and probably if I hadn’t then it would have resulted badly. I would also recommend first timers to take the tea the night before a day of doing nothing, so for me a Saturday night would have been best as on Sundays I’m always at home doing nothing, so just ensure you have a nearby toilet if you are new to the product. Down below I will be discussing how I see results, must knows, how I drink it and what effects it has on me, if you are interested then keep reading.

How it works: The tea includes the leaves they use in laxatives and some other organic ingredients, bare in mind I am no nutritionist so I don’t know the correct terms for anything. The tea is basically a laxative (we don’t want to get into too much detail with that), it detoxes your body, getting rid of bad toxins. The healthier you eat the most benefit you get out of it. If you do not diet, it will only help with bloating.

How and when I take it: As I said, directions of use are on the packaging. It says take before bed and let it dilute for 5 minutes before drinking, pretty simple. I have been drinking this tea for the last year and a half now and I have been experimenting on how and when to take it. To start off I would let it sit in the mug for 5 minutes like it said and drink it. By now I leave it in the mug with a spoon on top of the bag and leave if for 30 minutes at least, until I could just drink it in one. I found that it works better for me this way. Then the tea kicks in after 8 hours, that’s why they suggest before going to bed. So I took it before going to bed, around 10pm working it around when I wake up to go to work, so It would hopefully work around 6-7am for me. And so it did, and throughout the day the tea worked, but I was in work and wasn’t comfortable with going to the toilet that often. I then thought, why not take it in the morning before work and then 8 hours later it would kick in. Well that was a big mistake, I had cramps all day and it didn’t result in losing any weight and I was in pain, so from experience stick to taking it before bed. It might be that your body is ‘fasting’ while you are sleeping which helps give the tea a chance to work, rather than you taking it in the morning and then eating and drinking throughout the day the tea doesn’t get that chance to work properly.

How often I take it: You can take it every day if you desire it doesn’t really make much difference. At the beginning I would take it every other day as I thought taking it every day would do damage. But I now just take it whenever I feel bloated or had a bad dieting week. I took it every other day because It used to affect me both days, after waking up the morning after then I would react to it as normal, but the next morning it would still react like I had taken it the night before, so it was a bonus for me. But now I only take it whenever I feel the need to. After a heavy weekend on junk food or alcohol I would take it on the Sunday or Monday night and by Wednesday I would feel like my normal self again.

Effects on taking it: It probably effects people differently, but I’ll just explain how it affected me the first time. I really didn’t know what to expect when I took it first as I hadn’t really seen reviews on it, or never heard about it. So I took it and woke up and was in so much pain, cramps and had to go at that time, which was really scary as a first time. I am obviously used to it by now, but occasionally I still do get cramps, I actually wake up around 5am in pain wanting to go to the toilet some days too. I think it depends on how you’ve eaten during the week or day. Some days It wouldn’t work, I would wait for the pain to come but nothing, all day. So it all depends really. So by now I have mastered on how it works for my body. I wake up wanting to go to the toilet which I’m used to by now, then I would go on to work, have a litre of water, breakfast and coffee and then I would want to go again. I find that an hour after eating on the day after you’ve taken the tea you want to go to the toilet and drinking a lot of water helps you go as well. Some days are worse than others though, I would go loads of times during the day on one day and the other day I would only go once in the morning or other days only 3.. It all depends on what you eat, how often you eat and how much you drink.

Results of taking it: At the beginning I didn’t diet and took the tea, but that was no good to kick start the tea to work. So once I started dieting then I found it helped a lot. I found results in days with the tea, you wake up and feel a lot thinner, no bloat!! And the scales go down as you go down too so it’s a win win. So I still take the tea often and I havent seen any negatives so far.

MUST KNOW: If you are on any prescriptions/ medication then please be aware that as the tea detoxes your body then that means it cleans out your system, which includes, foods, drinks and medication. What I have researched on this is that it depends on what time you take your meds. For example for me, I used to take my prescription once I woke up, but as the tea cleans out your body, it made sense not to take it in the morning. So no I would take it after work or before bed. That would then mean that the tea detoxes your body, but you haven’t taken your medication until later that day for the tea to detox your medication too. So please be aware of this important must know. You can research a lot more on google or directly through the brand, but many people don’t know about this and will take their prescriptions in the morning and they are oblivious that it doesn’t work while having the tea.


Hope you guys found that post useful, please follow for more fitness, weight loss and beauty blogs. Any comments and feedback would be great, and go follow my instagram for more fitness and weightloss updates @fitnesspagerhi

3 thoughts on “Detox Tea – Need To Know”

  1. Reassuring thanks as I been taking it and at first brilliant worked then stopped unless I had two a day but then got real bad cramps so I will stick with (literally on my night tea now!) up to holiday n then take again after hols! N you look fab x


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