Welcome! So it’s nearing the end of march and the sun’s coming out and starting to get warmer, and longer nights.. Which means one thing.. That I can do stuff after work now!! Last year we were very keen on going on long walks around local paths, or going away for weekends for long distance walks.

I live in North Wales, in a small village called Llanrug, between Llanberis and Caernarfon. Llanberis is where the tallest mountain in Wales is called Snowdon “Wyddfa” in Welsh, and Caernarfon has a castle and a beautiful town to visit in summer.

In the blog I thought I would just show you how beautiful of a place I live and come from. Showing pictures of what I got up to last year. (all pictures are mine, either took on my iphone or Nikon)

I honestly cannot wait until the clocks turn so I can start going for long walks after work and not feel like a slob. Hope you enjoy and think it’s as beautiful as I do!

Starting off locally, with Llanrug. Now this is where I live, and it’s just a small village between Llanberis and Caernarfon. So when we go for walks after works then it would mostly be around Llanrug. These pictures are of a river that local fishermen use to fish.


Next up are pictures of the highest point of Llanrug which you can walk over to Llanberis, which is roughly 4 miles?! Not too sure, but the views are fantastic up here.


Next is Llanberis. Such a touristy village because of the Snowdon Mountain. So many stuff to do, theres a quarry, a castle and a train.  have probably walked Snowdon about 4 times. But have walked over from Llanrug to Llanberis many times.


The picture of me is on top of Snowdon, looking happy as ever. This was just before Poland in 2015 which I was super skinny at 9st 7lb 😩 How I wish I was like that now!!

Moving on to a popular green land in our area called “Glyn Llifon Park” which actually has a college there. But it’s so beautiful especially in summer, and is very historic.


So moving on to another mountain, which you can walk from to snowdon.. Called Moel Eilio. This is just a few miles from where I live. Very steep but once you’re at the top, the views are just fantastic. We took a picinc once it was such a lovely day. You can see so much up there, mostly you look over Llanberis and you can see Snowdon on one side (the picture with the sheep).


Where you park your car to walk to Moel Eilio is another place the opposite way. Not sure what it’s called or what it was used for.. But i’ll give you a quick brief of the reason on going.. Everyday outside my window I can see a really big building on top of a mountain and it has bugged me for years and years, and finally I got up there to discover what it was.. And here it is


It doesnt look like much but I could literally see my house from this hut. And I think it must have been an old look out or a bomb shelter.

So moving on to the other side of where I live is Caernarfon which is a small town. It’s super cute with small shops and the Castle. So we tend to go walk around Caernarfon too, so here are a few pics.


In the last picture you can walk across the bridge to be able to walk all the way around which is a 7 mile walk along the sea front. And as you walk along the front, you can see across to “Belan Fort” which was built to defend the area from a possible french attack during the Napoleonic wars.


Another place that is really nice and is over another bridge is Menai Bridge and Britannia Bridge. A beautiful walk to be had on the water front, and I went on a “Rib Ride” on the Menai Straights too.


So the Menai bridge takes you over to Angelsey, which has so many more places to visit. But a common place to go is Newborough beach “Llanddwyn” which is a lovely walk or visit. Or “South Stack” which is a light house and a small island which is very popular for visitors.


Another island we had visited last summer was “Shell Island” which is a popular large campsite with a beach. It was a lovely weekend away and I do love camping and making a fire and all that jazz.


That’s it guys, hope you liked the post and agree that I live in a beautiful place. Give it a thumbs up and for more beauty and lifestyle blogs then please follow. Look out over the summer as I’ll probably be going on more long walks and taking even more pictures.


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