Cancer Research UK – Race For Life – 5k

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I’ve just signed up for my first 3 mile race this year. It’s for Cancer Research UK on the 22nd of May at 11am in Caernarfon.

I’m super exited. This is my second time attending it, and honestly it feels great being able to raise money for such a good cause.

There are usually hundreds attending locally and all of us raise so much money and all have a good laugh.

Last time attended was 2014 before I went to Zante and I had only lost 14lbs by that time, I finished the race in 34.06 minutes, which was fantastic for me.


I am now 28lbs lighter than last time and coming back stronger than ever. Personally I’m am doing it to beat my last time of 34.06 minutes, which hopefully I will achieve.

I have started training by going on the treadmill and running around the village. I find I can do a lot more on a treadmill rather than outside. Probably because there isnt any wind and the treadmill is a lot softer on my feet 🙈

Just a quick update on my run’s so far (you can see the difference between the indoor and outdoor)


So when I’m outdoors running I tend to stop and walk then sprint then jog and it just osnt consitent and I can’t seem to get my breathing right. On the treadmill I can go for ages and don’t feel a thing.

So i’ll keep you posted at the end of April ond more updates runs and hopefully better times. If you would like to sponsor me then just click here and don’t forget to leave a message, it would be much appreciated. Thanks guys

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