Race for Life: UPDATE

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17 days to go until the 5k run at Caernarfon. I’m exited/nervous and to be perfectly honest, I only started training yesterday.

From previous posts you saw that I was doing a 12 week challenge which failed and I didn’t gain or lose any weight, but during the 12 weeks I fluctuated big time. I regulary attended fitness classes in this time, but once the 12 weeks were up I took a month off fitness.. And boy it was showing last night in class.

The warm up was difficult, just shows even a week off gets you back to square one!

So I was dreading this morning that I couldn’t walk and all that but I’m fine, very suprised. I think because it was an all body work out rather than concentrating on one area, that would have been hard.

So there is 17 days left I have raised £59 so far, and still need to kindly ask friends and fanily member to sponsor, i’ll leave a link below if you would like to sponsor to..

The last time I did Race for Life I ran it in 34 minutes which was good considering I was 14lbs heavier that time. This time I am wanting to beat that time and thats my goal this year.

I ran during the 12 Week Challenge outside a 3 miler.. And ran it in 31 minutes I think, which is good. But as my fitness has gone down to square 1 I NEED to get back into it.

So my plan is to eat healthier, get enough energy before any fitness and after, run on the treadmill atleast twice a week, also attend 2 fitness classes a week, try running outside on the weekend and just hope for the best.

I know I sound like I am attending a Marathon, but It’s only 5k and to be honest I dont do running! It’s my worst cardio. So wish me luck guys. 17 days will fly by.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

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