New Vanity Tour

I would like to share with you my new Vanity. Since starting my blog and YouTube channel I have always wanted a new vanity space to store make up and beauty products. 

The drawers are all from Ikea they are the “Alex” range that they have, and were all bought seperate. The 2 sets of drawers were £50 each, the table top was £13 and the add on unit at the top was £35.

The decor at the top was also from Ikea, the table mirror was £10, the copper desk lamp was £10, the white candle holder was 85p and also the candle was 85p. The rest of the decor are from other places.

So once I had assembled it all myself, and had red raw hands, I then took my time to suss out where everything was going to go. I bought a drawer insert from ikea, it was a cutlery drawer, but fit perfectly in these drawers and the rest of my storage is just random boxes like perfume boxes or lids of boxes. 

Once it was up and everything was in place I knew I was going to a tour video of it on my YouTube. So here it is..

A make up collection video will be done after reaching 500 subscribers and if I do reach that I will be doing a Giveaway too…

As always if you have a YouTube channel then please don’t forget to subscribe and like the video:

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