Walking a Mountain

You might have seen a previous post of mine called “I Live In a Beautiful Place Called Wales” click the link to check it out. I’ve posted a bunch of pictures on it of my walks and adventures I did last summer.

The weather has changed quite a bit here. It was snowing the other week and it was 20 degrees this morning.

So it’s been perfect weather to go out and have an ice cream and have a walk. I was honestly wearing too much in this heat and couldn’t stand it 🙈 

This year me and my boyfriend have decided to tackle more mountains and challenge our selves. So last year we did a few mountains such as Snowdon and Moel Eilio, and this year we’ve been wanting to do a few but the weather hasn’t been great.

Saturday the 7th of May we decided to tackle our first mountain of the year which was “Mynydd Mawr” also known as Elephant Mountain

The weather wasn’t great to be honest and we just knew we were going to do it no matter what. As we were walking towards the mountain it started to rain slightly, but with luck when we were half way up the weather picked up and it was warm.

As it was quite steep and I had not been keeping my fitness up for the last month, I was honestly so hot and sweating. We finally got to the top where you could look down and see a huge drop and I’m affraid of heights.

It was such an amazing view, it was cloudy but not too bad. We stopped on the “Elephants head” for a picnic and then started our way back down.

My calves were a bit stiff the next day but other than that.. After reaching the top it was such a good feeling and no matter what Mountain we walk it’s always a struggle until you reach the top and forget about everything.

Next tackle is “Nantlle Ridge” which is about 5/6 hour walk from one side to the other. So once I get my fitness back up and keep running and attending classes then it should be ok. 

I’ll let you all know how that goes when it happens. I hope you like these sort of posts, it’s just basically a catch up post on what I have been doing and letting you know about it.

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