I Feel So Honoured

I am so exited to share that I am in “Top Weight Loss Bloggers 2016” from 2 amazing companies.

http://m.diettogo.com and http://www.musclefitnessandnutrition.com had got in touch with me regarding their “Top Weight Loss Blogger Lists of 2016” and I’m in them which blew my mind. 

My response was “I never really knew that people read my blog, but it proves that some people do take notice.”

I would just like to thank both companies for including me in both lists. It does genuinely make me feel so honoured and it just motivates me to carry on with my blog.

I have been slacking on providing new posts on my blog recently as I have been concentrating on making new YouTube videos. It does take a lot of time to make blog posts, but for me it’s more of a hobby and it’s something I love to do, and it just goes to show that people do take notice of what I put my time and effort into and it means so much.

I’ll show you my place in the lists so you can have a look at what they had to say..

These are the links to their lists if you’re interested in more weight loss bloggers:
http://www.musclefitnessandnutrition.com/blogs/weight-loss-blogs/ and http://diettogo.com/blog/top-100-inspirational-weight-loss-bloggers

Thank you for reading. I promise to do a lot more blog posts and look out for a 4 week weight loss video I have been working on. 

Disclaimer: I am no personal trainer or nutritionist. I am me and all the posts on LifeofRhi are all my own opinion from experience. I have lost 42lbs in the past and I am only trying to find out ways to maintain or lose weight and share my journey with you guys.

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