Nail Care Routine

My nails grow so fast, I don’t really know how, but if one chips or breaks then it only takes a couple of weeks for it to grow back. I thought I would share my nail care routine with you to see if this actually helps the growth.

I am actually pretty awful with keeping my nails nice and painted. I paint them really nice but once they chip I actually leave them, so they are actually a mess most of the time. I can’t stand my nails with no nail polish on them though, I just feel naked and bare.

The first thing I would do is take my old nail polish off. I have either a nail varnish remover liquid or nail varnish remover pads which are super handi and hassle free. Most of the time I would use the pads.. Get all the nail polish off and then wash my hands with soap.

The second thing is the nail care treatment. I’m going to show you a nail care kit my mum got me from abroad. I actually love it.. It’s “Obey Your Body”, I am probably going to cry when I run out of the products. Just a quick breif, it had a buffer which has 3 different sides to it, it has a nail filer, hand lotion and cuticle cream. The instruction of how to use everything is on the inside of the box.


Here is the video of my Nail Care Routine



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