Porefessional, That Gal & It’s Potent Review


I have been looking for a face primer for a long time. I saw that this “Porefect” package by Benefit was the same price as the Porefessional alone. £24.50 for the Porefessional, and £24.50 for this package which includes Porefessional, That Gal and It’s Potent.

I have tried all three, and I’m wanting to give reviews on them. I use the “porefessional” and “it’s potent” everyday and “that gal” only when I go out for a night out.

Porefessional (pore corrector):

I find this very good if you only have small blemishes or red marks. Even though I use it everyday I don’t think it suits my skin type. I have very dry skin so I have to moisturise it a lot, but they do advise to moisturise before applying the product. I have a really bad blemish and spots on my chin so it doesnt really cover it up, but I guess that isnt their fault! Even if I have moisturised my skin, later that day my skin would just dry up quicker and more when using this product. I am still using it as I am looking for another product the same, so if any suggestions on a new product I could try, please comment. But for problem areas which arent so bad as my chin such as my nose or between my brows, it works very well.

I would moisturise with Clinique, then apply the porefessional on my chin, nose and between my brows. Then after leaving to dry I would then apply my Benefits Erase Paste concealer 02, on top of the porefessional in downwards motions and it gives a much better coverage tha  without the porefessional. The only problem for me is the quick drying of my skin.

It’s Potent (eye cream):

I use this everyday and I find that it works. But I also have a Clinique eye cream which works the same. It is mostly a dark circle corrector. I would apply it after I moisturise, it takes a long time to dry completely, so I would do my hair after applying to wait for it to dry. I dont see a huge difference with clearing the dark circles, but that might just be because I have just woken up? I have never tried to apply before going out, so it might work better than after waking up.

After moisturising I would then apply the porefessional and then the It’s Potent under my eyes and on my eyelids. I would then go and do my hair to wait for the cream to dry on it’s own, it does take a while for it to dry. After drying I would then put the concealer under my eyes in a downwards motion to cover the rest of the dark circles.

That Gal (Face primer):

This has a very pinky finish to it and it is shiny. But with this my make up stays on all day and all night with it, as for example I wore it under my make up this weekend while I was away and my Make up stayed on. Which is what you would want in a face primer.

I would apply this after moisturising, eye cream and porefessional on my cheeks, chin and forehead, concentrating on the larger areas on my face. Then you can instantly see that it is a pinky colour and has a shiny tint. After applying I would then apply my concealer and the my foundation.

I do recommend all 3 products, but It does depend on your skin type. If you have dry skin then I wouldnt recommend the porefessional, and both of the other products are great for my skin type but the face primer might be too shiny for oily skin.

I hope I have helped with the review on these products. Please like or comment with what you think of the products. Check out my other blogs on my page: /https://lifeofrhi.wordpress.com/blog/


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