Missguided Order

OMG! It’s literally been ages since I orderd clothes online, and it’s been ages since I’ve been on a night out with the girls.. So I’m doing both ready for Easter Sunday Bank Holiday.

I’m saving up for a house at the moment so money is quite tight, so if you don’t know already, I have been selling clothes on Depop and Ebay and it’s been quite successful so far. So I’ve managed to get money to spend on new clothes for myself.

So usually I go all out on a night out.. New outfit, new hair and full face of make up, so I’m exited just to be able to doll up. Plus I’ve bought this bright red hair dye which I’ll probably do before going out.

So can’t wait to get these clothes through.. I’ve orderd 3 potential outfits to wear on the babk holiday, and the rest is casual wear. And I’ve orderd them in a size 8, which I’m nervous for. Some items are a size 8 and some are 10. So hopefully they fit, because if they wont then i’ll feel down and will probably want to eat more junk to get over my depression πŸ˜‚

So once I get them on Next Day delivery (which will be 15th of March, as I orderd after 9pm) then I think I’ll make a video for YouTube aswell as making a blog, like a “Try On, Missguided Haul” I’ll see if I like them first.

So yeah, I thought I would share my excitment with all of you honestly. No really point in this blog πŸ™ˆ. So look out for a Haul this weekend. And if you have a Depop then go follow me @rhianynmair

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