Well, the Race for Life was on Sunday and I am so happy with the results. Not only I raised a lot of money but I beat my time which was a personal target. The weather wasn’t great in the morning it was pourig down and it made me feel unsure.. But the sun came out by the time it started and it was such a lovely day.

I turned up alone not running with anyone, just determined to run it and raise money. But after 20 minutes my parents came to support me and we did a little warm up with music before starting the race.

We lined up to run.. I stayed with the “joggers”

As you can see so many people turned up. So the runners were up front.. I was with the joggers and the walkers were at the back (the pic cut out the rest of the people) I am not sure how many turned up, but it was alot.

So I started the race and found it fairly easy. I’ve always struggled with running.. I have never been able to run 5k with out stopping to walk, I just don’t enjoy running and it always gets to me and I stop.

I found myself at the half way point were we would just turn around and head back, and I still wasn’t to bad except my feet started to burn. I had never ran 5k so quick in my life either so this was a BIG accomplishment.

I found myself at 4k and started slowing down having to walk just a bit to catch my breath, but only for a few seconds and had to take my jacket off as it was so hot by the time the race started. The 5k was nearing and as I knew I was close I was just wanting to finish it and beat my time.

I passed the finish line honestly feeling like I was going to collapse, my head was bounding my legs were shaking and I was as red as a beetroot! It wasn’t a good look… Luckily I don’t have a picture to show you 🙈

You’re probably wondering what was my time.. Or maybe you’re not.. I’m going to tell you anyway because it’s my personal best..

Couple of years back was the last time I did it and I was a stone (14lbs) heavier than this year.. I did it in 34 minutes 50 seconds at that time.. Which was a personal best at that time for me. This year I did it in 29 minutes 33 seconds. 😁😁👏🏼👏🏼 I’m just so chuffed.

The total money I raised was a £183 and that was such a huge amount and for such a great cause. So would like to take an oppertunity to thank everyone who has raised money and ran and done anything for this great charity. 

Plenty of celebrating was done after which included a Lasagne after the run from a local pub which was beautiful.. The a sit in Indian which was lovely and had a few drinks with a lovely few to finish a good, beautiful day.

If you’re interested in seeing how I did before the race then check out these posts:




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