It’s time for a 8 Week Detox 

So the last time I made a blog post was after Paris and that was back at the end of June?! And the last time I made a decent Weight Loss blog post was.. God knows when. I really want to just chat and tell you honestly how I have been getting on.

To be honest, since my 12 week challenge back in January I weighed 10st 2lb. I finished the challenge at the beginning of April only managed to lose a few pounds due to having to many events. 

I hate to say it but I have not been dieting since then! I attended a few classes and ran a few miles. Other than that I have gained so much weight and I feel awful. I am probably around the 10st 11lbs mark right now 😒

I’m a foodie. If you saw my instagram you would probably drool at the pictures of food I have. It’s what I love and I literally can’t live with out it. So for the last 4 months I have been so happy being able to eat what I want, but It has now piled on and I have gained a lot of weight. I am no longer happy. I am so big right now.

Thailand is in 8 weeks. So lets face it I need a 8 week detox.. 

To update all of you I will be posting regular blog posts, instagram photos and also will be doing a whole video of my 8 week journey for all of you to see and witness.

I am exited to start training and dieting again just to be comfortable in my body and hopefully be bikini ready for my Holiday.

Today was not such a good day to start as I didn’t go food shopping yesterday so had to eat out lunch time. So tomorrow (26/07/2016) I will have all my shopping and will have prepared my meals and be on plan.

Subway Salad for my lunch

It will be tough to record my weight and how I look right now but It will be the best motivation for me to get on with it.
Don’t forget to check out all my social media accounts including my YouTube Channel. I will be posting updates on them regulary.

Wish me luck x

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