12 week challenge update

There’s only 3 weeks this saturday until the ultimate professional photographer 😱 It’s come around so fast.

Click here for my previous post on the 12 week challenge.

Quick recap on the challenge so far.. Week 1 started after 10th of January 2016 and I weighed 10st 2lb. I had a professional photo taken of myself and have to compare to it every week stating my weight.


week 1 was great as I had lost 5lbs leaving me at 9st 11lb. Week 2 wasn’t so good as I had gained 1lb leaving me at 9st 12lb.

week 3 was time I went to Poland to Krakow, so I ate everything I wanted to and came back weighing in at 10st 5lb.. So I needed to get back to it straight away but I found something came up every weekend.. So I gave up slightly not posting my picture and weight.

I eventually got my confidence back at week 6 I weighed, 10st 3lb and week 7 I weighted 10st 1lb.


Then week 8 was a disaster, I had done something to my back which lead to no exercise and then to top it off it made me eat like crap.. So I weighed in at 10st 5lb


We are in week 9 now and I’m back on it with confidence and determined  to lose weight.. The next time I’ll keep you updated is probably after the 12 week challenge which finished April 3rd. So wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted.

for daily pictures of my journey and  challenge then please follow my instagram @fitnesspagerhi

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