12 Week Challenge Update

I haven’t told you that I’m currently on a 12 Week Challenge with my local fitness team. I am in week 7 of the challenge now and I have only lost 1lb since the beginning. I will explain in this blog what has happened so far in the challenge and why I haven’t lost a lot of weight, and what I have been doing through out and what the challenge consists of. If you’re interested then keep on reading…

Break down on the challenge: 12 week challenge, basically depends on your presonal goal if it’s either losing weight or body fat or getting fitter, it’s what you want to reach as a goal. Mine is to lose weight. So what the local fitness team has done is get a private facebook page with determined and motivated people with the same goal and put us all on one page. Then it’s up to us to keep each other motivated by posting pictures of what we eat during the day, what work outs we have done and most imporantly all of us have to post a picture of ourselves in a sport bra comparing to the first picture we posted.

What I have posted on the page so far: Since the beginning of the challenge I had been determined. I was 10st 2lb and we actually had a proffesional photographer in to take pictures of us…


After taking this picture I felt even more motivated as I knew after 12 weeks, I am going to have to compare a picture beside this with the same photographer. So it was week one and here are some examples of food I had been eating, ensuring I had reduced carb meals ond rest days and carbs on work out days.

So I had lost 5lb by this week, leaving me at 9st 11lb I was so thrilled, and then the week after I gained 1lb which wasn’t the end of the world as I had a further 10 weeks to concentrate.

That all changed when I went to Poland on the 25th of January, which was the 3rd week into the challenge. I came back and I had gained loads of weight and was at 10st 6lb. Once I came back I wanted to get straight back into it, so I continued with the healthy eating and exercising.

But as the challenge grew nearer to ending I found myself having an occasion on every weekend, like a trip to see my family, or a night out with the girls.. So the pounds would just keep coming on, I would still post photos of food during the week but not the weekend, and I didn’t post pictures of myself comparing to the 1st weeks picture as I was too ashamed.

At week 6 I was at 10st 3lb and didn’t post a picture, but now it’s week 7 and I am 10st 1lb which I felt confident in posting a picture and here are the results compared to the first week picture.


I am happy that I’m back on the right track again, but I do find myself giving up on some weekends and weeks. So I just need to keep motivated and carry on with the challenge. After all this is my own personal goal which I need to achieve, I am not doing this for anyone else, only myself.

I’ll keep you updated on what the results are. If you are interested in following my daily foods and workouts then please follow my instagram @fitnesspagerhi all updated info is on there.

Hope you liked the read, if you did then please like and follow, any comments and feedback would be appreciated.

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