Week 1 Result- No Junk Food Challenge

It’s been a week since I started the “No Junk Food Challenge”. To be honest I thought it would be much harder.

A week down and already I feel much better in myself and feel thinner too. 

I’m guessing you’re interested in how my first week went. I started Tuesday 3rd of January, the first day is always the easiest in my opinion. I didn’t prepare for the week ahead as I was planning on shopping the following Sunday. 

The only thing I want to discuss with you is my migraine experience. After starting the challenge Tuesday, the next day I started to have a huge headache, so to help control it I would have a cup of black coffee and try and avoid taking pain killers. This headache continued through out the week. By friday my eyesight got a lot worse (I wear glasses anyway) I got a blurry vision in my left eye which I couldn’t see out of. I needed to get home from work so I drove home (really shouldn’t have). I got home, straight to bed lights off took a painkiller and by this time I was in so much pain. Felt like someone was clamping my head, the pressure was unreal. That was the first migraine I ever had, hopefully the last. 

My understanding is that the extreme change in diet is what caused this migraine. So please be careful when going on a diet that you do gradually cut things out rather than going cold turkey like I did. I woke up after that and felt a lot better. My body had gotten used to the change in diet by now and I can carry on with no headache.

My meals for the first week were fairly simple, soups, salads, oats, chicken and basically found stuff in the fridge and cupboards to use.

I wasn’t restricting myself from carbohydrates as I usually do. I knew I would starve if I didn’t include carbs in my diet. As usual I go check out Joe Wicks Lean in 15 books for inspiration and recipies for low carb meals.

For my sweet tooth I have bought a bag of raisins, I would have about 6-8 of these after my lunch, just to curb that sweet craving. And for savoury snacks I have a bag of almonds and I get about 6-7 of them when I’m hungry. I consume about 2-3 litres of water a day and 2-3 cups of black coffee. 

Not expecting a big loss really. I’ve also attended some circuit classes inbetween. Haven’t got myself to get back into running yet, but will do very soon! I find running to help me lose weight the most. 

The moment of truth.. THE RESULTS OF WEEK 1:

Before picture: 11st 00lb

After picture: 

Follow my site to be updated on my result after the 21 days are over. I’m sure you are as intreagued as I am on how no junk food works. Cross fingers there will be more great results.

Disclaimer: I am no nutritionist or personal trainer. All opinions are my own and what I write is what I have experienced through my 3 year weight loss journey. Losing 42lbs in a year, and trying to maintain for a further 2 years has had its ups and downs. I have learned so much and I am only sharing my tips and experiences with you guys.

As always thanks for reading. It means a lot, if you want to read more from me please follow my site if you love weight loss/fitness pages. I also do lifestyle and beauty posts too. Your feedback means a lot also so don’t be shy to comment and give your opinion. I would love to hear your experiences or tips you have learned, thanks.

LifeofRhi x

6 thoughts on “Week 1 Result- No Junk Food Challenge”

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