Week 2 RESULT – No Junk Food Challenge

It has been surprisingly easy to do this challenge. I haven’t missed anything off the list

Just a side note Chips are Crisps for me not fries because I think this list is American. Also I have added no Alcohol and no Fizzy Drinks. So really I have made it harder for myself.

I feel a lot better in myself, I attend 2 circuit classes a week and also try and run on the treadmill once or twice a week to get me back into cardio slowly.

If you haven’t read my 1st Week result of the challenge then (click here) but over there I explain my experience and what I ate in that week! I mentioned that I experienced my first ever migraine.. and I do believe a extreme change in diet is what caused it.

As I did in my 1st week result post I will show you what I ate during this 2nd week. To be honest I wasn’t so strict on myself. I consumed a lot more carbs this week but haven’t had any junk food, so 2 weeks of no junk food is pretty good.

After my weigh in I went for food to a seafood restaurant and got myself a lovely seafood linguini also had some fries. 

After this I was so full.. I couldn’t move which shows my stomach has shrunk a bit in a space of a week. The next day was back to normal but a lot more carbs this week.

As you can see a lot of carbohydrates. But I feel a lot thinner but I don’t have my hopes up for losing any weight on the scales this week.

I feel like I need some motivation so I went on my instagram to get some before and after pictures and I got this picture which gives me so much determination and motivaion. This picture goes back to my first ever before and after picture back to 3 years ago!! 

I’m writing this post the night before my weigh in.. So I’ll wake up and weigh myself like I did last week.

So here it goes…. WEEK 2 RESULT:

To be honest, I’m suprised I lost 2lb, but I’m not complaining! It’s a loss and thats all that counts! Don’t see much difference in pictures though.

Stay tuned for Week 3 Results next week. I might extend this challenge to do it the whole of January, we shall see.

Disclaimer: I am no nutritionist or personal trainer. All opinions are my own and what I write is what I have experienced through my 3 year weight loss journey. Losing 42lbs in a year, and trying to maintain for a further 2 years has had its ups and downs. I have learned so much and I am only sharing my tips and experiences with you guys.

As always thanks for reading. It means a lot, if you want to read more from me please follow my site if you love weight loss/fitness pages. I also do lifestyle and beauty posts too. Your feedback means a lot also so don’t be shy to comment and give your opinion. I would love to hear your experiences or tips you have learned, thanks.

LifeofRhi x

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