Bleaching My Hair At Home

I’m always a one to change my hair colour, I can never stay the same colour for a long time. Now that it’s getting warmer and coming into the summer months I knew I wanted to go blonde.

With a lot of research and a few YouTube videos later, I knew how to accomplish it at home.

Disclamier: I am no hair dresser or a professional, all opinions and experiences are my own and I don’t recommend doing this without a professional opinion or a lot of research. I consider my hair quite strong and a medium length, so please ensure your hair is in a good condition, not fair and not too long if you are attempting this at home too. And never expect to be blonde on the first try if you are dark, it is a slow process with a lot of orange tones.

What I used to get started:

  •  Powder Bleach (Truzone)
  • 20 vol developer for toning (Truzone)
  • 30 vol developing for bleaching (Truzone)
  • Wella Colour Charm #T18 (Lightest Ash Blonde) toner
  • Mixing bowl & brush
  • Gloves
  • Cling film
  • Old, Unwanted Towel

(You can purchase all of the above from Amazon, the total cost for me was £30 which isn’t even close to the cost of a salon)

A bit of background on the process before bleaching it, I used the ‘ColourB4″ colour remover maybe a month before as I was a dark red colour:

This was the result after 2 boxes of ‘ColourB4’ 

Now that colour was acceptable enough to live with for a couple of weeks. I had a break off dying or stripping my hair for a couple of weeks. 

If you’d like a blog post on the process of the ‘ColourB4’ let me know as I have used it quite a bit. You can buy them at Boots or Superdrug. 


The night before the bleaching I covered my hair with cocount oil putting it in the microwave until it was a liquid and leaving it in my hair over night, to prevent damage. 

For me this maybe prevented damage but didn’t let the bleaching do it’s work as It should have or how I would have liked it. I don’t recommend if you are wanting drastic results.

Preparing my bleach:

The instructions should be on the tub, for me it was 2 scoops of the bleach powder and 70ml of the 30 vol developer. So I doubled it up as I knew I wanted more product.

30 vol should be paired up with bleach to lighten it up. If you have very dark hair a 40vol and if you have lighter hair 20vol. And 20vol or 10vol with the toner. Bare in mind a 40vol is very strong and can damage your hair.

I mixed both bleach and developer until a paste like consistency, it shouldn’t drip off the brush.

I then applied to the ends of the hair and worked my way up avoiding the roots. I left it to process for 30-40 mins with cling film all over the hair and checking it every 10 minutes. The last 10 minutes I applied the bleach to the roots.

Bare in mind I had a friend to help as I probably couldn’t have applied evenly by myself.

This was the after math of the 1st bleaching:

I knew I was to experience a lot of red and orange tones in this process. So be prepared! As you can see it didn’t lift as much as I would have hoped and I think it was because of the coconut oil. 

It is recommended to use sulfate free shampoo after rinsing out the bleach as it doesn’t have any chemicals to react to the bleach and also use a very good conditioner.

I went ahead and bleached it the second time, I knew I should have waited atleast a few days or a week but the roots were too light and I’m an inpatient person. 

After applying the bleach this time I put heat to my hair with a hair dryer with cling film on top of my hair, this helped make the process quicker. Just a side note the bleach on the scalp does burn especially when you apply heat to it.

This was the result of the 2nd bleaching: (please mind my makeup as I washed my hair with a shower head above the bath)

As you can see it’s lightened up a lot the second time. With no coconut oil in my hair I found it made a large difference in lifting the hair.

I only shampooed the hair with sulfate free shampoo and did not condition as I knew I was to tone it.

I towel dried the hair and then applied the developer and toner. The instructions for the measurements were on the bottle and they were 1 part toner 2 part developer.

For beginners like myself I didn’t quite understand the whole 1 part 2 part equation. But it is very simple. The wella toner has 42ml in it, so you simply double it up and put 84ml developer. To make it easier I filled up the wella toner bottle after emptying it with the developer twice so I had exact measurements.

I had heard a lot of great things about this Wella Colour Charm #T18 toner on YouTube and multiple blog posts so I needed to try it out.

I applied this all over my hair and left to develop for 30 minutes. It was very purple on my head and stung quite a bit.

After leaving it in for 30 minutes I then went ahead and rinsed it out with the same shampoo and I also conditioned it this time as I knew I wasn’t to colour again.

This was the result after drying:

You can see that It has lightened up and cancelled out a lot of the redness. But it is still not there yet. One more bleach and tone and I think it’s going to be where I want it to be.

Bare in mind this happened in one day, and I should have been patient and waited a week. The damage to my hair is minimal! It hasn’t damaged it but as I said in the beginning my hair is quite strong and can take a lot of hair dye.

Please be patient if you are to try this at home. Remember to do enough research and get help. It won’t happen over night if you are going from a dark colour. 

2 days later and I am back, going to do the same process one last time by bleaching those orange/pink tones and then go ahead and tone it one last time. 

This was the result after bleaching a 3rd time:

And this is a before and after of bleaching round 2 and bleaching round 3 (you can see it lightened up pretty well):


Also a side note, I didn’t do my research very well as I didn’t understand that you shouldn’t shampoo the hair after toning it, which I did the first time. You should only condition it. And by knowing this the second time the results were fantastic!

This is the result after the 3rd bleaching and toning:

Over all it took me 3 bleaching sessions and 2 toning sessions to get to the end result. To be honest I should have bleached it 3 times before toning it, but I toned it before the 3rd bleaching. It didn’t effect the bleaching process but it would have saved some damage. 

I thought I would share my latest update, I waited a few weeks after my 3rd bleach and tone to top up my roots as my roots where very dark compared to my hair.. so I went ahead and bleached my roots and toned my whole head and this is the result

Then it’s now been a month and I haven’t done anything to it and this is how it is at the moment

I am very happy with the results and the bonus is that it wasn’t half as expensive as it would have been at a salon. It is possible to go from dark to blonde but with a lot of patience and research.

My plan to maintain my colour:

  • Get a small trim every 6-8 weeks as It needs it after this much bleach.
  • To use purple shampoo in my hair and try and tone it that way
  • I will also make sure I condition it well by leaving in hair masks and coconut oil to help restore it’s condition
  • Avoid heat (which I do anyway) 

I hope this was useful and that you enjoyed the read. As I was a beginner in bleaching my hair at home, I read a lot of blog posts and found it useful so I thought I would write one myself to give you another honest experience.

Please follow my blog for more lifestyle and weight loss blogs, 

Lifeofrhi x

5 thoughts on “Bleaching My Hair At Home”

  1. I am thinking about dying my hair however I am so nervous!!!! I’ve always wanted a funky purple that would be both sexy and sassy! I am a YouTube Vlogger as well! We should def connect! Never can have too many friends out there!



  2. Good job. You should try toning with Wella Frosty Ash 12 A (?) Dye it works wonders with 20 vol. You can also mix a Wella relights dye in 89 with color charm color(any above 10 but I prefer ashy). But yeah when it comes to toning, plenty of choice! If you are down to experiment outside Wella, out will love Colorance line by Goldwell.


  3. Hi.. you are brave… I’m at the yellow orange stage and I have super thick hair. I am giving up and going to a pro in two days.. meanwhile I’ll be wearing hats. FYI, your coloring looks gorgeous with the dark red…


  4. Thanks so much for sharing your journey, my hair is pretty much at the same stage as after your 3rd bleach and I have been wondering whether to bleach again or leave it, your final result is beautiful and just what I’m after so I’m gonna go ahead. Really helps to see the lift at different levels not just the orange stage x


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