Decorating My Bedroom for Christmas

I had a real urge earlier to decorate my bedroom as it’s too early to do the whole house.

For me I feel that the bedroom shouldnt be decorated quite as much, just a few touches here and there will have a good impact.

Here is a before of my bedroom, autumnal with pops of mustard. The bed sheets are brushed cotton from Dunelm Mill and are great for winter, so not changing that up at the moment.

The first thing I decided to change up was the palm tree print. Very simple how I changed it. A lot of shops have Christmas wrapping paper now and I chose my favourite and put it into the frame. The wrapping paper I got was from Primark, only £1.50 for 5 meters.

I wanted to add some Christmas decorations to the room, so I went ahead am bought myself a little light up gold Christmas tree from Matalan. This was £5 and it needs 3 AA batteries.

Can’t be Christmas with out a candle, so this is a cheap candle I bought from Home Bargains for £1.99 and is honestly smells so good.

Which youtuber/blogger doesn’t have fairy lights in their bedroom. It speaks for it self basically, it’s Christmas so there should be fairy lights every where.

To finish the whole bedroom off I got these cute pillow covers and fitted sheet from B&M.. To be honest I thought I had bought a whole set, turns out it was only the fitted sheet and pillows, so might go and buy the whole set next time. Red stags is very appropriate and goes with my new print.

The bag the set came in I used as a cushion cover for my vanity

And that’s all I’ve done to decorate my bedroom this year. Simple yet effective.

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