Cohorted Subscription Boxes Review

Before I purchased my cohorted subscription box I went all over the internet to get reviews to see if it was worth it.. nearly a year worth of boxes and I can’t recommend them enough.

The only reason I’ve stopped is because I’m saving for a house and I have enough skin care, hair care and make up products to last me a life time if I’m honest.

The box is £35 a month including postage and the value of the box varies from £70-£200 which is really good. You get some full sized products and some travel size. Some people might get different products also.

It’s a luxury beauty subscription box and I wanted to let you in on what I recieved in my boxes while I was a subscriber.

Bare in mind I didn’t take photos of all of my boxes when I got them, only a few. Some are boomerangs on my instagram so go check that out. It will give you a taste of what to expect from them anyway.

The boxes are latest to oldest. I’ve thrown out the booklets you get informing you of the value of the box and the description of the products. I’ll try my best too supply you with information.

August 2017 – Value £81

August 2017

Variety in this box, includes

  • Mac Mascara
  • Too faced concealer
  • Chirpbody Hair mask
  • Paul Yacomine Hair oil
  • Apple and Bares Body Wash

With the concealer they had to play it safe and supply us with the most common shade probably which is a shame as I’m so pale it’s too dark for me.

I’ve not used the hair mask yet looks really good though. I’ve used the hair oil twice and a little goes a long way, too much and it really looks greasy.

They throw in a Mac mascara quite a bit, which I wont complain about, it’s a travel size so good to go around with.

Also not used the Body wash, I will over winter now and have a nice bath with it.

July 2017 – Value £106


  • Doucce mascara
  • Doucce lip gloss and lip stain
  • Ciate blusher
  • Bellapiere Cream contour palette

I’m pointing it out there I’ve discovered the best liquid lipstick in this box.

Doucce lip stain is honestly the best liquid lipstick I’ve tried. It is so light weight you can’t notice that you’re wearing it and it stays on for so long, will be buyinh in different shades.

The Doucce mascara brush is a bit too thick for me to use, I prefere thinner ones.

Ciate blusher is so pretty, but I hardly wear blush so might put it in a giveaway even if I don’t have the box.

And the Bellapierre contour kit, I’m not a one to cream contour and the shades are too warm for me, unfortunately I’ve tried it or that would be in a giveaway also.

June 2017 – Value £92


  • Too faced better than sex mascara
  • Bellapierre highlighter palette
  • Bellapierre liquid lipstick
  • Kura Bazaar Nail polish

Hear a lot of good things about this mascara from Too faced and when I gor a travel size from the box I was so exited. At first I didn’t understand the hype but It’s my go too mascara now I love it.

With the Bellapierre products haven’t really given them a go tbh, they look lovely. Need to see which highlighter suits me best.

The Kura Bazaar nail polish is good, it lasts and doesn’t chip as easy. The colour is a lovely shade to go on a summer holiday.

May 2017 – Value £92


  • Betty Hula body moisturiser
  • Vita liberata – tan minerals and brush
  • Urban decay 24/7 Lip liner
  • Loewe – Aura Body lotion

I’ve found the best smelling body lotion ever, it smells lovely and stays on all day. Highly recommend the Aura by Loewe.

Betty Hula on the other hand doesn’t smell as nice but that’s just my preference. It’s good to out on before you false tan.

Vita liberata is such a good bronzing shade, you can do all body or face with the brush. Used s few times, it gives an airbrushed look.

The Urban Decay lip liner is beautiful, this was my favourite for a while, since then I’ve tried others, but would honestly recommend.

April 2017 – Value £102


  • Laura Geller primer
  • Elemis eye masks
  • Percy and reed spray
  • Laura Geller Eyeshadows
  • Laura Mercier Lipstick

This box was the one I felt not as exited about.. I put the Elemis eye masks, primer and eyeshadows into my 500 subscriber giveaway.

Not that I didn’t want them but I just have so many. They looked great but didn’t try them.

I sprayed the percy and reed shine spray once and It didn’t feel great after, it felt slightly tacky/greasy.. it might be my hair. Love their packaging though.

Laura Mercier Lipstick, a lovely safe shade. Not sure if I’ve worn it yet, but I have another Laura Mercier one and It’s a lovely lipstick.

January Box – Value £122


  • Living proof hair spray
  • Living proof hair mask
  • Mudmasky face masks
  • Clarins lip liner
  • Clarins lipstick
  • Doucce mascara

Looking at this I would never put it at £122 of value.

The living proof hair spray is honestly the most amazing smelling hairspray of all time and I still have it today, it lasts quite a while. Haven’t tried the hair mask yet.

Mudmasky face masks are lovely. They have that tingly sensation after a few minutes and dries down. It makes your skin feel beautiful after. Would highly recommend.

The clarins lipliner I still use it’s a beautiful shade and it’s so easy to apply. The lipstick I haven’t tried.

Doucce mascara same again, too big of a brush for my liking.

December – Value £80


  • Plum and ashby bath essence
  • The english company soap
  • Clarins eyeshadow
  • X2 Lucy Annabella candles

Now if this isn’t a Christmas beauty box I don’t know what is.

The soap is out all year round as I love the smell, it’s so good and lasts ages.

The candles are lovely too.. I’ve lit one but one isn’t touched but they smell devine and look really nice.

The clarins eyeshadow was put in my giveaway as I have loads of eyeshadow.

The bath essance is on the side of my bath as decor more that anything, it just looks beautiful I don’t want to open it really.

September 2016 – Value £85

October 2016


  • Cargo Eyeshadow palette
  • Percy and reed dry shampoo and recovery treatment
  • Mac mascara
  • Kure Bazaar nail polish

Yes you get a full size eyeshadow palette and this is not the only one I recieved in these boxes either.

The eyeshadows are great, good pigment, blendable, variety of colours.. really nice palette. I have so many now but I would still reach for this.

The percy and reed dry shampoo basically I prefer the Batiste one to be honest. The recovery treatment is great, it dries once you put it on so you don’t have to worry about your bed sheets and wash it out in the morning. Highly recommend.

I like Mac mascaras as the brushes are great plus there travel sizes are great for when I go away.

And I mentioned the Kure Bazaar nail polish before. Very good nail polish and really nice colour.

Buy your subscription here

For detailed information on every box click on the link.

Hope you enjoyed the review, hope it’s given you and idea on what to expect. Let me know if you went ahead with it after reading this.

Lifeofrhi x

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Some companies will ask for me too review products. I will mention if I have a paid sponsor in a post. I would never falsely advertise a product if I don’t fully believe they are good. All photos are my own, if not I would credit the photo.

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