GIVEAWAY – Winter Beauty Bundle

I want to celebrate that I’m concentrating on Blogging now and not so much on my YouTube, plus I hit 1k on my instagram.

So to say thank you and hope you’ll support my socials and blog I wanted to host this giveaway which is worth just over £200.

I’ll just go ahead and show you what’s in the giveaway and how to enter.

All the products have never been used and are all bought with my own money.

The giveaway is international, and the winner will be announced Saturday 30/12/17.

It will be a nice gift to recieve after Christmas.

There are many entries on this giveaway but it is to follow me on my blog and follow me on my instagram that is mandatory. Subscribing to my YouTube and following my twitter are extra entries.

Good luck,

Click here to enter the giveaway Winter Beauty Bundle

Thanks for reading, means a lot

Lifeofrhi x

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Some companies will ask for me too review products. I will mention if I have a paid sponsor in a post. I would never falsely advertise a product if I don’t fully believe they are good. All photos are my own, if not I would credit the photo.

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