Carbon Coco Natural Teeth Whitening Review

I’ve never had white teeth, mine have always been on the off white/yellower side, so I’ve been whitening my teeth for years and used strips and bleaching, which I know is not good for my teeth.

When Carbon Coco got in touch and asked if I would do a review, I 100% agreed as I’m up for trying new things, plus I had heard of this Charcoal teeth whitening powder before so I was intrigued.

Just before I start I just want to say that this is my go to whitening tool now and I use it before I go on a night out or away because the effect it gets after 1 use is great and it’s natural of course.

Also wanting to point out that I’m aware that my teeth are not the best, and they aren’t straight or in line. The before and after pictures aren’t the best quality, but it’s the best I can do. And I look my best in the pictures because let’s face it, I brush my teeth straight when I get up or right before I go to bed, so just being real with you guys. I look great!

I’ve also done a YouTube video on this if you’d like to see it, if not keep on reading

The package includes

  • Charcoal powder
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Instructions

Wet your brush then dip it into the active charcoal so your brush is fully coated, then go ahead and spread it around your teeth then brush for 3 minutes.

It will look a bit disgusting and it will make a mess so bare that in mind. When you spit it out in the sink after 3 minutes you will have to wipe it.After spitting the charcoal out and rinsing your mouth you then go ahead and brush your teeth with the toothpaste for a further 3 minutes. Bare in mind if your not used to brush your teeth for this long then your gums will probably feel sore.

3 minutes later spit out the toothpaste and rinse your mouth.

You’ll see results so quickly honeslty. The below photo is of a full week of brushing with coco carbon.

I found it made such a difference and for a natural remedy it’s honestly worth it.

The only downfall I would say is that it is time consuming. 6 minutes everytime you want to use it is a pain. I only tested it out everyday for a week to see the results, but now I use it once a week.

To purchase your teeth whitening kit from Carbon Coco, check them out here

Thanks for reading, means a lot

Lifeofrhi x

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Some companies will ask for me too review products. I will mention if I have a paid sponsor in a post. I would never falsely advertise a product if I don’t fully believe they are good. All photos are my own, if not I would credit the photo.

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