Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation Review

I was in Trafford Centre Manchester and walked into Selfirges and what did I see the Huda Beauty stand..

People all over the place and it was so busy, but I was determined to get myself this foundation as I’d seen quite a few good reviews going around.

So first expereince on the store in Selfridges Trafford Centre was that it was too busy, and that I thought no way I’m going to get any help by the staff.

One member came up to me straight away and asked if she could help, I asked about the foundation and shades. She advised that I couldn’t have a shade match untill the next day but I could gladly test them out to see myself and offered some cotton pads to remove make up as well which was very helpful.

So I got myself to the mirror with some shades I thought were best suited to me, and the 2nd shade I tried was the best for me.

I didn’t bother looking around the rest of the store cause it was manic. So I decided to just pay and get out of there.

I picked up the shade Panna Cotta. I’m a fair colour so it suits be best with no false tan, I mix it with a darker colour if I wear any false tan.

The packaging is lovely the box is this matte finish and the bottle has chrome detail in a plastic bottle not glass (which I prefer when travelling)

Most foundations are 30ml and this is a 35ml, which is great. It also came with a sample of her primer which I am still yet to try.

It was £32, which for a high end, full coverage foundation, I’m not mad about. I would probably pay a lot more for such a good foundation.

This foundation honestly is one of the most full coverage foundations I have ever come across, but not only that, it doesn’t dry out my skin.

I understand that everyone’s skin is different, my skin is combination. So dry around the eyes, nose and chin and then oily on my forehead. This doesn’t show my dry patches.

It applies great, doesn’t dry on the skin too quickly before you can blend. I always apply concealer and powders on top of my foundation, and it worked great.

If you have oily skin, I honestly don’t think this is to shiny either. With the powder on top you can make it matte or have it dewy.

It wears really well throughout the day. I’ve worn mine for up to 15 hours before and it didn’t budge and I didn’t have to re apply.

Like I say, our skin are all different, so it might not work for everyone but for me it did work.

Hope you guys liked the post and that I have helped with deciding to purchase it or not. Like I say, I love it and it’s my holy grail now.

Thanks for reading, means a lot

Lifeofrhi x

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Some companies will ask for me too review products. I will mention if I have a paid sponsor in a post. I would never falsely advertise a product if I don’t fully believe they are good. All photos are my own, if not I would credit the photo.

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