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New Winter Coat

I’m a sucker for good coats, and I’ve been looking around and seen a lot of these Teddy coats, which let’s be honest looks like a must over Winter.

Hopefully I’ll be needing it all year round because since getting it I basically haven’t taken it off. I’m in the UK so more or less I will be needing it all year round.

It’s so cosy but quite thin so you can layer under it. Perfect for me to take to New York because I’ll be going in February and from what I know it’s pretty cold that time of year.

It’s £59 from Topshop, with khaki green lining. It’s just to die for.

I paired it with my Nike trainers, my topshop Joni jeans which have faded to grey by now and a khaki green polo neck which matches the lining prefectly.

I got it in a size 14 as I tried it in that size and I like how baggy it was. Probably a 12 would have been ok, but if you know me I like my baggy/comfy clothes.

I love this location for photos, plus it’s been snowing so it’s quite magical. It’s located in Llanberis, Snowdonia, North Wales. If you’re in the area you should check it out.

Shop the look

Topshop Borg Biker Jacket • Topshop • £59
Topshop MOTO Black Joni Jeans • Topshop

Would love to know your winter coat of 2017..

Thanks for reading, means a lot

Lifeofrhi x

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Some companies will ask for me too review products. I will mention if I have a paid sponsor in a post. I would never falsely advertise a product if I don’t fully believe they are good. All photos are my own, if not I would credit the photo.

Feeling Festive

I wanted to write a post on how much I love this season and how happy it makes me.

The key to a successful Christmas for me is to be organised and enjoy the build up, rather than stressing out.

Here is where I show you how Festive I get and what I’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks for the build up to Christmas.

I decorated early this year. I decorated the house at the end of November and decorated the office on the 1st of December. In a previous blog post I showed how I decorated my bedroom, few tips and tricks over there for you to check out.

Festive candles are my weakness, I love the smell of a mince pie in a candle or cinnamon sticks. It warms my heart. Here are a few of my fave candles to burn over fall.

I always start my Christmas shopping Oct/Nov so by the start of December I’ve wrapped them all and stuck them under the tree.

The wrapping paper I’ve used this year is lovely and it’s from Primark. I think I’m stag obsessed this Christmas, but this wrapping paper was only £1.50 for 5 meters. Also did a little hack on my previous post with the wrapping paper. I also used cards as tags as I didn’t have any, the cards were also from Primark.

The Welsh Christmas card is from I love their welsh decor, gifts and prints. Worth checking them out.

Festive drinks are a must over this season. It’s an excuse to drink or eat anything really. Champagne at 8:25am, don’t mind If I do it’s December. I’m not the biggest mulled wine lover but I’m a hot chocolate/coffee lover.

Mcdonalds do good festive hot drinks, including Toffee Latte and Spiced Cookie Latte.

Also while I was as the Christmas Markets in Manchester, Hot Choc with Baileys was to die for. Also had a Cherry Punch with Ameretto, tasted like warm Dr Pepper.

We went to Trafford Centre in Manchester too which was very festive. We didn’t know the Coca Cola truck was going to be there and the sky and view was fantastic.

Even though I finished off all my Christmas Shopping, I Couldn’t go to Manchester/ Liverpool and Chester without shopping for myself could I.

Here are just a few things I bought along the way. I’ll do an in depth Haul on another blog post.

To top everything off we have a new addition to the family. Her name is Cadi and she’s a 20 week old kitten. She looks exactly like our previous cat Twm which unfortunately passed away in a car accident, he wasn’t even 3 yet.

My Mum and Dad decided they wanted a new kitten so they can love and adore as much as Twm, and she is perfect.

I still have a lot more festivities coming up, such as my work Christmas party, secret santa, Mad Friday and obviously Christmas Day.

My little niece always visits Boxing Day which is also a bonus after Christmas and then there’s New Years Eve.

Plus New York will be around the corner. I’m so exited.. Never been to America so shoukd be fun and have always wanted to go to NYC!!

As I’m writing this post it’s snowing which makes it 10 times better. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Enjoy every second of it with your family and friends.

Thanks for reading, means a lot

Lifeofrhi x

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Some companies will ask for me too review products. I will mention if I have a paid sponsor in a post. I would never falsely advertise a product if I don’t fully believe they are good. All photos are my own, if not I would credit the photo.

Cohorted Subscription Boxes Review

Before I purchased my cohorted subscription box I went all over the internet to get reviews to see if it was worth it.. nearly a year worth of boxes and I can’t recommend them enough.

The only reason I’ve stopped is because I’m saving for a house and I have enough skin care, hair care and make up products to last me a life time if I’m honest.

The box is £35 a month including postage and the value of the box varies from £70-£200 which is really good. You get some full sized products and some travel size. Some people might get different products also.

It’s a luxury beauty subscription box and I wanted to let you in on what I recieved in my boxes while I was a subscriber.

Bare in mind I didn’t take photos of all of my boxes when I got them, only a few. Some are boomerangs on my instagram so go check that out. It will give you a taste of what to expect from them anyway.

The boxes are latest to oldest. I’ve thrown out the booklets you get informing you of the value of the box and the description of the products. I’ll try my best too supply you with information.

August 2017 – Value £81

August 2017

Variety in this box, includes

  • Mac Mascara
  • Too faced concealer
  • Chirpbody Hair mask
  • Paul Yacomine Hair oil
  • Apple and Bares Body Wash

With the concealer they had to play it safe and supply us with the most common shade probably which is a shame as I’m so pale it’s too dark for me.

I’ve not used the hair mask yet looks really good though. I’ve used the hair oil twice and a little goes a long way, too much and it really looks greasy.

They throw in a Mac mascara quite a bit, which I wont complain about, it’s a travel size so good to go around with.

Also not used the Body wash, I will over winter now and have a nice bath with it.

July 2017 – Value £106


  • Doucce mascara
  • Doucce lip gloss and lip stain
  • Ciate blusher
  • Bellapiere Cream contour palette

I’m pointing it out there I’ve discovered the best liquid lipstick in this box.

Doucce lip stain is honestly the best liquid lipstick I’ve tried. It is so light weight you can’t notice that you’re wearing it and it stays on for so long, will be buyinh in different shades.

The Doucce mascara brush is a bit too thick for me to use, I prefere thinner ones.

Ciate blusher is so pretty, but I hardly wear blush so might put it in a giveaway even if I don’t have the box.

And the Bellapierre contour kit, I’m not a one to cream contour and the shades are too warm for me, unfortunately I’ve tried it or that would be in a giveaway also.

June 2017 – Value £92


  • Too faced better than sex mascara
  • Bellapierre highlighter palette
  • Bellapierre liquid lipstick
  • Kura Bazaar Nail polish

Hear a lot of good things about this mascara from Too faced and when I gor a travel size from the box I was so exited. At first I didn’t understand the hype but It’s my go too mascara now I love it.

With the Bellapierre products haven’t really given them a go tbh, they look lovely. Need to see which highlighter suits me best.

The Kura Bazaar nail polish is good, it lasts and doesn’t chip as easy. The colour is a lovely shade to go on a summer holiday.

May 2017 – Value £92


  • Betty Hula body moisturiser
  • Vita liberata – tan minerals and brush
  • Urban decay 24/7 Lip liner
  • Loewe – Aura Body lotion

I’ve found the best smelling body lotion ever, it smells lovely and stays on all day. Highly recommend the Aura by Loewe.

Betty Hula on the other hand doesn’t smell as nice but that’s just my preference. It’s good to out on before you false tan.

Vita liberata is such a good bronzing shade, you can do all body or face with the brush. Used s few times, it gives an airbrushed look.

The Urban Decay lip liner is beautiful, this was my favourite for a while, since then I’ve tried others, but would honestly recommend.

April 2017 – Value £102


  • Laura Geller primer
  • Elemis eye masks
  • Percy and reed spray
  • Laura Geller Eyeshadows
  • Laura Mercier Lipstick

This box was the one I felt not as exited about.. I put the Elemis eye masks, primer and eyeshadows into my 500 subscriber giveaway.

Not that I didn’t want them but I just have so many. They looked great but didn’t try them.

I sprayed the percy and reed shine spray once and It didn’t feel great after, it felt slightly tacky/greasy.. it might be my hair. Love their packaging though.

Laura Mercier Lipstick, a lovely safe shade. Not sure if I’ve worn it yet, but I have another Laura Mercier one and It’s a lovely lipstick.

January Box – Value £122


  • Living proof hair spray
  • Living proof hair mask
  • Mudmasky face masks
  • Clarins lip liner
  • Clarins lipstick
  • Doucce mascara

Looking at this I would never put it at £122 of value.

The living proof hair spray is honestly the most amazing smelling hairspray of all time and I still have it today, it lasts quite a while. Haven’t tried the hair mask yet.

Mudmasky face masks are lovely. They have that tingly sensation after a few minutes and dries down. It makes your skin feel beautiful after. Would highly recommend.

The clarins lipliner I still use it’s a beautiful shade and it’s so easy to apply. The lipstick I haven’t tried.

Doucce mascara same again, too big of a brush for my liking.

December – Value £80


  • Plum and ashby bath essence
  • The english company soap
  • Clarins eyeshadow
  • X2 Lucy Annabella candles

Now if this isn’t a Christmas beauty box I don’t know what is.

The soap is out all year round as I love the smell, it’s so good and lasts ages.

The candles are lovely too.. I’ve lit one but one isn’t touched but they smell devine and look really nice.

The clarins eyeshadow was put in my giveaway as I have loads of eyeshadow.

The bath essance is on the side of my bath as decor more that anything, it just looks beautiful I don’t want to open it really.

September 2016 – Value £85

October 2016


  • Cargo Eyeshadow palette
  • Percy and reed dry shampoo and recovery treatment
  • Mac mascara
  • Kure Bazaar nail polish

Yes you get a full size eyeshadow palette and this is not the only one I recieved in these boxes either.

The eyeshadows are great, good pigment, blendable, variety of colours.. really nice palette. I have so many now but I would still reach for this.

The percy and reed dry shampoo basically I prefer the Batiste one to be honest. The recovery treatment is great, it dries once you put it on so you don’t have to worry about your bed sheets and wash it out in the morning. Highly recommend.

I like Mac mascaras as the brushes are great plus there travel sizes are great for when I go away.

And I mentioned the Kure Bazaar nail polish before. Very good nail polish and really nice colour.

Buy your subscription here

For detailed information on every box click on the link.

Hope you enjoyed the review, hope it’s given you and idea on what to expect. Let me know if you went ahead with it after reading this.

Lifeofrhi x

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Some companies will ask for me too review products. I will mention if I have a paid sponsor in a post. I would never falsely advertise a product if I don’t fully believe they are good. All photos are my own, if not I would credit the photo.

Decorating My Bedroom for Christmas

I had a real urge earlier to decorate my bedroom as it’s too early to do the whole house.

For me I feel that the bedroom shouldnt be decorated quite as much, just a few touches here and there will have a good impact.

Here is a before of my bedroom, autumnal with pops of mustard. The bed sheets are brushed cotton from Dunelm Mill and are great for winter, so not changing that up at the moment.

The first thing I decided to change up was the palm tree print. Very simple how I changed it. A lot of shops have Christmas wrapping paper now and I chose my favourite and put it into the frame. The wrapping paper I got was from Primark, only £1.50 for 5 meters.

I wanted to add some Christmas decorations to the room, so I went ahead am bought myself a little light up gold Christmas tree from Matalan. This was £5 and it needs 3 AA batteries.

Can’t be Christmas with out a candle, so this is a cheap candle I bought from Home Bargains for £1.99 and is honestly smells so good.

Which youtuber/blogger doesn’t have fairy lights in their bedroom. It speaks for it self basically, it’s Christmas so there should be fairy lights every where.

To finish the whole bedroom off I got these cute pillow covers and fitted sheet from B&M.. To be honest I thought I had bought a whole set, turns out it was only the fitted sheet and pillows, so might go and buy the whole set next time. Red stags is very appropriate and goes with my new print.

The bag the set came in I used as a cushion cover for my vanity

And that’s all I’ve done to decorate my bedroom this year. Simple yet effective.

500 Subscriber GIVEAWAY

I did it, I have over 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel. It has taken nearly a year to reach it, but I am so happy about it! 
If you’re reading this now and didn’t know I have a YouTube channel, well now’s the chance and go and watch my videos and subscribe. Or even if you watch my videos regularly and haven’t subscribed then you should do 😘

I’m doing a giveaway to say thank you to my subscribers so far.. and here’s what you can win…


– Kura Bazaar Nail Polish

– 2 mini OPI Nail Polish

– Too Faced – Selfie Powder Highlighters

– Pur Cosmetics 8 Eyeshadow Palettw

– Laura Geller 3 shimer Eyeshadow Palette 

– Elemis Eye Masks

– Seventeen oil control Primer

– Too Faced Melted Matte Chocolate in shade Chocolate Honey

– Clarins Single Eyeshadow

– Doucce Red Lipstick

– 3 Samples ( Burberry, Jouer and Josie Noran)

– Beauty Bay Make Up Bag

I made a in depth video on all the products, you can check that out here 

All you need to do is click the link in the description of the video and follow the instructions there.. SIMPLE!

I would love to have new subscribers on there so you can get to know me a bit better. 

Thank you all so much for the support! 

Lifeofrhi xx

Bleaching My Hair At Home

I’m always a one to change my hair colour, I can never stay the same colour for a long time. Now that it’s getting warmer and coming into the summer months I knew I wanted to go blonde.

With a lot of research and a few YouTube videos later, I knew how to accomplish it at home.

Disclamier: I am no hair dresser or a professional, all opinions and experiences are my own and I don’t recommend doing this without a professional opinion or a lot of research. I consider my hair quite strong and a medium length, so please ensure your hair is in a good condition, not fair and not too long if you are attempting this at home too. And never expect to be blonde on the first try if you are dark, it is a slow process with a lot of orange tones.

What I used to get started:

  •  Powder Bleach (Truzone)
  • 20 vol developer for toning (Truzone)
  • 30 vol developing for bleaching (Truzone)
  • Wella Colour Charm #T18 (Lightest Ash Blonde) toner
  • Mixing bowl & brush
  • Gloves
  • Cling film
  • Old, Unwanted Towel

(You can purchase all of the above from Amazon, the total cost for me was £30 which isn’t even close to the cost of a salon)

A bit of background on the process before bleaching it, I used the ‘ColourB4″ colour remover maybe a month before as I was a dark red colour:

This was the result after 2 boxes of ‘ColourB4’ 

Now that colour was acceptable enough to live with for a couple of weeks. I had a break off dying or stripping my hair for a couple of weeks. 

If you’d like a blog post on the process of the ‘ColourB4’ let me know as I have used it quite a bit. You can buy them at Boots or Superdrug. 


The night before the bleaching I covered my hair with cocount oil putting it in the microwave until it was a liquid and leaving it in my hair over night, to prevent damage. 

For me this maybe prevented damage but didn’t let the bleaching do it’s work as It should have or how I would have liked it. I don’t recommend if you are wanting drastic results.

Preparing my bleach:

The instructions should be on the tub, for me it was 2 scoops of the bleach powder and 70ml of the 30 vol developer. So I doubled it up as I knew I wanted more product.

30 vol should be paired up with bleach to lighten it up. If you have very dark hair a 40vol and if you have lighter hair 20vol. And 20vol or 10vol with the toner. Bare in mind a 40vol is very strong and can damage your hair.

I mixed both bleach and developer until a paste like consistency, it shouldn’t drip off the brush.

I then applied to the ends of the hair and worked my way up avoiding the roots. I left it to process for 30-40 mins with cling film all over the hair and checking it every 10 minutes. The last 10 minutes I applied the bleach to the roots.

Bare in mind I had a friend to help as I probably couldn’t have applied evenly by myself.

This was the after math of the 1st bleaching:

I knew I was to experience a lot of red and orange tones in this process. So be prepared! As you can see it didn’t lift as much as I would have hoped and I think it was because of the coconut oil. 

It is recommended to use sulfate free shampoo after rinsing out the bleach as it doesn’t have any chemicals to react to the bleach and also use a very good conditioner.

I went ahead and bleached it the second time, I knew I should have waited atleast a few days or a week but the roots were too light and I’m an inpatient person. 

After applying the bleach this time I put heat to my hair with a hair dryer with cling film on top of my hair, this helped make the process quicker. Just a side note the bleach on the scalp does burn especially when you apply heat to it.

This was the result of the 2nd bleaching: (please mind my makeup as I washed my hair with a shower head above the bath)

As you can see it’s lightened up a lot the second time. With no coconut oil in my hair I found it made a large difference in lifting the hair.

I only shampooed the hair with sulfate free shampoo and did not condition as I knew I was to tone it.

I towel dried the hair and then applied the developer and toner. The instructions for the measurements were on the bottle and they were 1 part toner 2 part developer.

For beginners like myself I didn’t quite understand the whole 1 part 2 part equation. But it is very simple. The wella toner has 42ml in it, so you simply double it up and put 84ml developer. To make it easier I filled up the wella toner bottle after emptying it with the developer twice so I had exact measurements.

I had heard a lot of great things about this Wella Colour Charm #T18 toner on YouTube and multiple blog posts so I needed to try it out.

I applied this all over my hair and left to develop for 30 minutes. It was very purple on my head and stung quite a bit.

After leaving it in for 30 minutes I then went ahead and rinsed it out with the same shampoo and I also conditioned it this time as I knew I wasn’t to colour again.

This was the result after drying:

You can see that It has lightened up and cancelled out a lot of the redness. But it is still not there yet. One more bleach and tone and I think it’s going to be where I want it to be.

Bare in mind this happened in one day, and I should have been patient and waited a week. The damage to my hair is minimal! It hasn’t damaged it but as I said in the beginning my hair is quite strong and can take a lot of hair dye.

Please be patient if you are to try this at home. Remember to do enough research and get help. It won’t happen over night if you are going from a dark colour. 

2 days later and I am back, going to do the same process one last time by bleaching those orange/pink tones and then go ahead and tone it one last time. 

This was the result after bleaching a 3rd time:

And this is a before and after of bleaching round 2 and bleaching round 3 (you can see it lightened up pretty well):


Also a side note, I didn’t do my research very well as I didn’t understand that you shouldn’t shampoo the hair after toning it, which I did the first time. You should only condition it. And by knowing this the second time the results were fantastic!

This is the result after the 3rd bleaching and toning:

Over all it took me 3 bleaching sessions and 2 toning sessions to get to the end result. To be honest I should have bleached it 3 times before toning it, but I toned it before the 3rd bleaching. It didn’t effect the bleaching process but it would have saved some damage. 

I thought I would share my latest update, I waited a few weeks after my 3rd bleach and tone to top up my roots as my roots where very dark compared to my hair.. so I went ahead and bleached my roots and toned my whole head and this is the result

Then it’s now been a month and I haven’t done anything to it and this is how it is at the moment

I am very happy with the results and the bonus is that it wasn’t half as expensive as it would have been at a salon. It is possible to go from dark to blonde but with a lot of patience and research.

My plan to maintain my colour:

  • Get a small trim every 6-8 weeks as It needs it after this much bleach.
  • To use purple shampoo in my hair and try and tone it that way
  • I will also make sure I condition it well by leaving in hair masks and coconut oil to help restore it’s condition
  • Avoid heat (which I do anyway) 

I hope this was useful and that you enjoyed the read. As I was a beginner in bleaching my hair at home, I read a lot of blog posts and found it useful so I thought I would write one myself to give you another honest experience.

Please follow my blog for more lifestyle and weight loss blogs, 

Lifeofrhi x


It’s the end of the challenge, 21 days done. My start weight was 11st.

In the first week I lost 4lbs, the second week I lost 2lbs which made a total loss of 6lbs in 2 weeks and final weigh in at 2 weeks was 10st 8lb.

The final weigh in and I have gained 3lbs. Overall I have only lost 3lbs and my final weigh in of the challenge came back to 10st 11lb. I’m not uploading a before and after picture for this weigh in as I don’t feel comfortable as I know there is no difference (hope you don’t mind).

I’ll explain the gain in weight and why I gave up and ate some foods in the challenge on the 3rd week.

Side note: Chips are crisps, and I added no Fizzy Drinks and no Alcohol to the list myself.

Here’s a list of what foods I actually avoided and didn’t touch in the 21 day challenge:

  • Candy
  • Biscuits
  • Cake, Donuts, Muffins
  • White bread
  • Crisps
  • Nutella, peanut butter and naughty spreads
  • Ice cream
  • Alcohol

 I’m quite proud of going 21 days without all these foods, I knew that candy, white bread, naughty spread, ice cream and alcohol would be easy. But biscuits and cakes for me are a big deal, so very proud. I will try and go a further 16 days without them.

Here is a list of the foods I couldn’t resist not having during the challenge and how far in I ate them:

  • Cookie (20th day)
  • Chocolate (21st day)
  • Pastries (21st day)
  • Fast food (17th & 20th day)
  • Fizzy Drink (20th day)

 I’m really proud I went this far without eating any of these, because as you know by now I am a big foodie and love junk food so I’m still quite happy with it, but obviously you understand why I have gained 3lbs in the last week of the challenge.

The reason I didn’t lose as much weight as I was hoping for was because I literally stuck to the list, so I would have brown bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, I wouldn’t restrict myself from those things only what was on the list.

I usually cut out carbs or reduce them a lot to lose weight, so really I didn’t expect to lose a lot. I have posted a blog post on how to lose weight fast and basically on that post is what I do to lose the initial weight and then introduce carbs slowly into my diet.

I have my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend on the 10th of February which is 16 days away, so from here on out I will try and stick to the challenge as well as cut out my carb intake an attend fitness classes and then hopefully I will have better results.

Here are some of the meals I had during my 3rd week of the challenge

I might do a post to update you guys on how the 16 days went. Let me know if you would be interested in some weekly updates.

My target is to be under 10st I haven’t got a time frame, but would like to be under 10st and maintain from there. The lightest I have been is 9st 7lb and that was back in April 2015.

I since then I had been maintaining and eventually gained 14lbs before Christmas 2016 and was at 10st 7lb.

After Christmas 2016 I weighed myself to start this no Junk food challenge. I was dreading the weigh in knowing how much I had consumed over Christmas. I had gained a further 7lbs and was at a weight of 11st.

That was only 21lbs away from my biggest weight 12st 7lb. I seriously wanted to cry.

Hopefully I will lose 11lbs or more before summer and then maintain. Wish me luck guys, I will keep you updated and as usual post some tips and experiences in the upcoming weeks.

Disclaimer: I am no nutritionist or personal trainer. All opinions are my own and what I write is what I have experienced through my 3 year weight loss journey. Losing 42lbs in a year, and trying to maintain for a further 2 years has had its ups and downs. I have learned so much and I am only sharing my tips and experiences with you guys.

As always thanks for reading. It means a lot, if you want to read more from me please follow my site if you love weight loss/fitness pages. I also do lifestyle and beauty posts too. Your feedback means a lot also so don’t be shy to comment and give your opinion. I would love to hear your experiences or tips you have learned, thanks.


Week 2 RESULT – No Junk Food Challenge

It has been surprisingly easy to do this challenge. I haven’t missed anything off the list

Just a side note Chips are Crisps for me not fries because I think this list is American. Also I have added no Alcohol and no Fizzy Drinks. So really I have made it harder for myself.

I feel a lot better in myself, I attend 2 circuit classes a week and also try and run on the treadmill once or twice a week to get me back into cardio slowly.

If you haven’t read my 1st Week result of the challenge then (click here) but over there I explain my experience and what I ate in that week! I mentioned that I experienced my first ever migraine.. and I do believe a extreme change in diet is what caused it.

As I did in my 1st week result post I will show you what I ate during this 2nd week. To be honest I wasn’t so strict on myself. I consumed a lot more carbs this week but haven’t had any junk food, so 2 weeks of no junk food is pretty good.

After my weigh in I went for food to a seafood restaurant and got myself a lovely seafood linguini also had some fries. 

After this I was so full.. I couldn’t move which shows my stomach has shrunk a bit in a space of a week. The next day was back to normal but a lot more carbs this week.

As you can see a lot of carbohydrates. But I feel a lot thinner but I don’t have my hopes up for losing any weight on the scales this week.

I feel like I need some motivation so I went on my instagram to get some before and after pictures and I got this picture which gives me so much determination and motivaion. This picture goes back to my first ever before and after picture back to 3 years ago!! 

I’m writing this post the night before my weigh in.. So I’ll wake up and weigh myself like I did last week.

So here it goes…. WEEK 2 RESULT:

To be honest, I’m suprised I lost 2lb, but I’m not complaining! It’s a loss and thats all that counts! Don’t see much difference in pictures though.

Stay tuned for Week 3 Results next week. I might extend this challenge to do it the whole of January, we shall see.

Disclaimer: I am no nutritionist or personal trainer. All opinions are my own and what I write is what I have experienced through my 3 year weight loss journey. Losing 42lbs in a year, and trying to maintain for a further 2 years has had its ups and downs. I have learned so much and I am only sharing my tips and experiences with you guys.

As always thanks for reading. It means a lot, if you want to read more from me please follow my site if you love weight loss/fitness pages. I also do lifestyle and beauty posts too. Your feedback means a lot also so don’t be shy to comment and give your opinion. I would love to hear your experiences or tips you have learned, thanks.

LifeofRhi x

Week 1 Result- No Junk Food Challenge

It’s been a week since I started the “No Junk Food Challenge”. To be honest I thought it would be much harder.

A week down and already I feel much better in myself and feel thinner too. 

I’m guessing you’re interested in how my first week went. I started Tuesday 3rd of January, the first day is always the easiest in my opinion. I didn’t prepare for the week ahead as I was planning on shopping the following Sunday. 

The only thing I want to discuss with you is my migraine experience. After starting the challenge Tuesday, the next day I started to have a huge headache, so to help control it I would have a cup of black coffee and try and avoid taking pain killers. This headache continued through out the week. By friday my eyesight got a lot worse (I wear glasses anyway) I got a blurry vision in my left eye which I couldn’t see out of. I needed to get home from work so I drove home (really shouldn’t have). I got home, straight to bed lights off took a painkiller and by this time I was in so much pain. Felt like someone was clamping my head, the pressure was unreal. That was the first migraine I ever had, hopefully the last. 

My understanding is that the extreme change in diet is what caused this migraine. So please be careful when going on a diet that you do gradually cut things out rather than going cold turkey like I did. I woke up after that and felt a lot better. My body had gotten used to the change in diet by now and I can carry on with no headache.

My meals for the first week were fairly simple, soups, salads, oats, chicken and basically found stuff in the fridge and cupboards to use.

I wasn’t restricting myself from carbohydrates as I usually do. I knew I would starve if I didn’t include carbs in my diet. As usual I go check out Joe Wicks Lean in 15 books for inspiration and recipies for low carb meals.

For my sweet tooth I have bought a bag of raisins, I would have about 6-8 of these after my lunch, just to curb that sweet craving. And for savoury snacks I have a bag of almonds and I get about 6-7 of them when I’m hungry. I consume about 2-3 litres of water a day and 2-3 cups of black coffee. 

Not expecting a big loss really. I’ve also attended some circuit classes inbetween. Haven’t got myself to get back into running yet, but will do very soon! I find running to help me lose weight the most. 

The moment of truth.. THE RESULTS OF WEEK 1:

Before picture: 11st 00lb

After picture: 

Follow my site to be updated on my result after the 21 days are over. I’m sure you are as intreagued as I am on how no junk food works. Cross fingers there will be more great results.

Disclaimer: I am no nutritionist or personal trainer. All opinions are my own and what I write is what I have experienced through my 3 year weight loss journey. Losing 42lbs in a year, and trying to maintain for a further 2 years has had its ups and downs. I have learned so much and I am only sharing my tips and experiences with you guys.

As always thanks for reading. It means a lot, if you want to read more from me please follow my site if you love weight loss/fitness pages. I also do lifestyle and beauty posts too. Your feedback means a lot also so don’t be shy to comment and give your opinion. I would love to hear your experiences or tips you have learned, thanks.

LifeofRhi x