Porefessional, That Gal & It’s Potent Review


I have been looking for a face primer for a long time. I saw that this “Porefect” package by Benefit was the same price as the Porefessional alone. Β£24.50 for the Porefessional, and Β£24.50 for this package which includes Porefessional, That Gal and It’s Potent.

I have tried all three, and I’m wanting to give reviews on them. I use the “porefessional” and “it’s potent” everyday and “that gal” only when I go out for a night out.

Porefessional (pore corrector):

I find this very good if you only have small blemishes or red marks. Even though I use it everyday I don’t think it suits my skin type. I have very dry skin so I have to moisturise it a lot, but they do advise to moisturise before applying the product. I have a really bad blemish and spots on my chin so it doesnt really cover it up, but I guess that isnt their fault! Even if I have moisturised my skin, later that day my skin would just dry up quicker and more when using this product. I am still using it as I am looking for another product the same, so if any suggestions on a new product I could try, please comment. But for problem areas which arent so bad as my chin such as my nose or between my brows, it works very well.

I would moisturise with Clinique, then apply the porefessional on my chin, nose and between my brows. Then after leaving to dry I would then apply my Benefits Erase Paste concealer 02, on top of the porefessional in downwards motions and it gives a much better coverage tha  without the porefessional. The only problem for me is the quick drying of my skin.

It’s Potent (eye cream):

I use this everyday and I find that it works. But I also have a Clinique eye cream which works the same. It is mostly a dark circle corrector. I would apply it after I moisturise, it takes a long time to dry completely, so I would do my hair after applying to wait for it to dry. I dont see a huge difference with clearing the dark circles, but that might just be because I have just woken up? I have never tried to apply before going out, so it might work better than after waking up.

After moisturising I would then apply the porefessional and then the It’s Potent under my eyes and on my eyelids. I would then go and do my hair to wait for the cream to dry on it’s own, it does take a while for it to dry. After drying I would then put the concealer under my eyes in a downwards motion to cover the rest of the dark circles.

That Gal (Face primer):

This has a very pinky finish to it and it is shiny. But with this my make up stays on all day and all night with it, as for example I wore it under my make up this weekend while I was away and my Make up stayed on. Which is what you would want in a face primer.

I would apply this after moisturising, eye cream and porefessional on my cheeks, chin and forehead, concentrating on the larger areas on my face. Then you can instantly see that it is a pinky colour and has a shiny tint. After applying I would then apply my concealer and the my foundation.

I do recommend all 3 products, but It does depend on your skin type. If you have dry skin then I wouldnt recommend the porefessional, and both of the other products are great for my skin type but the face primer might be too shiny for oily skin.

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31 Picture Challenge


1. You

2. Breakfast

3. Something you adore

4. Letterbox (holder)

5. Something you wore

6. Makes you smile – food

7. Favourite – handbag

8. Your sky

9. Daily routine

10. Childhood

11. Where you sleep

12. Close Up

13. In your bag

14. Something you’re reading

15. Happiness

16. Morning

17. Water

18. Something you bought

19. Sweet

20. Someone you love

21. Reflection

2. Your shoes

23. Something old

24. Guilty pleasure – eating like this on a diet

25. Something you made

26. Colour

27. Lunch – prepped meals

28. Light

29. Inside your fridge – always salad and prawns

30. Nature

31. You, again


12 Week Challenge Update

I haven’t told you that I’m currently on a 12 Week Challenge with my local fitness team. I am in week 7 of the challenge now and I have only lost 1lb since the beginning. I will explain in this blog what has happened so far in the challenge and why I haven’t lost a lot of weight, and what I have been doing through out and what the challenge consists of. If you’re interested then keep on reading…

Break down on the challenge: 12 week challenge, basically depends on your presonal goal if it’s either losing weight or body fat or getting fitter, it’s what you want to reach as a goal. Mine is to lose weight. So what the local fitness team has done is get a private facebook page with determined and motivated people with the same goal and put us all on one page. Then it’s up to us to keep each other motivated by posting pictures of what we eat during the day, what work outs we have done and most imporantly all of us have to post a picture of ourselves in a sport bra comparing to the first picture we posted.

What I have posted on the page so far: Since the beginning of the challenge I had been determined. I was 10st 2lb and we actually had a proffesional photographer in to take pictures of us…


After taking this picture I felt even more motivated as I knew after 12 weeks, I am going to have to compare a picture beside this with the same photographer. So it was week one and here are some examples of food I had been eating, ensuring I had reduced carb meals ond rest days and carbs on work out days.

So I had lost 5lb by this week, leaving me at 9st 11lb I was so thrilled, and then the week after I gained 1lb which wasn’t the end of the world as I had a further 10 weeks to concentrate.

That all changed when I went to Poland on the 25th of January, which was the 3rd week into the challenge. I came back and I had gained loads of weight and was at 10st 6lb. Once I came back I wanted to get straight back into it, so I continued with the healthy eating and exercising.

But as the challenge grew nearer to ending I found myself having an occasion on every weekend, like a trip to see my family, or a night out with the girls.. So the pounds would just keep coming on, I would still post photos of food during the week but not the weekend, and I didn’t post pictures of myself comparing to the 1st weeks picture as I was too ashamed.

At week 6 I was at 10st 3lb and didn’t post a picture, but now it’s week 7 and I am 10st 1lb which I felt confident in posting a picture and here are the results compared to the first week picture.


I am happy that I’m back on the right track again, but I do find myself giving up on some weekends and weeks. So I just need to keep motivated and carry on with the challenge. After all this is my own personal goal which I need to achieve, I am not doing this for anyone else, only myself.

I’ll keep you updated on what the results are. If you are interested in following my daily foods and workouts then please follow my instagram @fitnesspagerhi all updated info is on there.

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Nail Care Routine

My nails grow so fast, I don’t really know how, but if one chips or breaks then it only takes a couple of weeks for it to grow back. I thought I would share my nail care routine with you to see if this actually helps the growth.

I am actually pretty awful with keeping my nails nice and painted. I paint them really nice but once they chip I actually leave them, so they are actually a mess most of the time. I can’t stand my nails with no nail polish on them though, I just feel naked and bare.

The first thing I would do is take my old nail polish off. I have either a nail varnish remover liquid or nail varnish remover pads which are super handi and hassle free. Most of the time I would use the pads.. Get all the nail polish off and then wash my hands with soap.

The second thing is the nail care treatment. I’m going to show you a nail care kit my mum got me from abroad. I actually love it.. It’s “Obey Your Body”, I am probably going to cry when I run out of the products. Just a quick breif, it had a buffer which has 3 different sides to it, it has a nail filer, hand lotion and cuticle cream. The instruction of how to use everything is on the inside of the box.


Here is the video of my Nail Care Routine



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My Weight Loss Journey Full Video

Hi, so I did a video as I’m on YouTube now and thought I would share my story verbally! I didn’t know how to word it really, but I’ve added some of my before and aftee pictures into it aswell, as have included easiest ways for me to lose weight.

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25 Get To Know Me Questions

Hi everyone. I started my blog before my YouTube channel, and on this blog there is a lot more personal stuff about me such as my life, travelling, my weight loss journey and all that.

I only jumped into YouTube with no introduction or anything and by now I have a few videos up and 116 subscribes (which is a big achievment for me as I didn’t think I would have that many in a couple of months tbh, so thanks) I thought I would do a Get To Know Me Tag.

Basically here are 25 questions, which YouTubers Tag people in and others have the chance to answer some questions so the viewers can get to know them.

So it’s my pleasure to present to you with my new Get To Know me video: 

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If you want to do the TAG yourself (doesnt have to be on YouTube) here are the questions:

What is your middle name?

2. What was favorite subject at school?

3. What is your favorite drink?
4. What is your favorite song at the moment?

5. What is your favorite food?

6. What is the last thing you bought?

7. Favorite book of all time?

8. Favorite Color?

9. Do you have any pets?

10. Favorite Perfume?

11. Favorite Holiday?

12. Are you married?
13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?
14. Do you speak any other language?

15. How many siblings do you have?

16. What is your favorite shop?: 

17. Favorite restaurant?
18. When was the last time you cried?
19. Favorite Blog?

20. Favorite Movie?
21. Favorite TV shows?

22. PC or Mac?
23. What phone do you have?

24. How tall are you?:

25. Can you cook?

1 Week to go – Race For Life

Theres a week to go and I still haven’t really had a chance to train. I have been very busy this weekend.. Eating!

The week before was good. I attended 1 class and I practiced my running on the route we are doing the race in a weeks time. I did it in 35 minutes, I could have done it in less time if I didn’t walk so much. Also we walked a mountain and I was dying then, it was my first week back in working out after a month off.

This week, I only attended class once then had a spring clean of my terrible walk in cupboard and haven’t been running at all.

My excuse for not working out this weekend is that I had a leaving do at work which involved drinks and food on Friday. 

Then It was my mothers birthday yesterday and my local town had a food festival and it was so sunny we decided to have a BBQ, and today were actually celebrating my Mums birthday with more food at a lovely resteraunt called Signatures. 

Basically I have been eating and not training, and honestly I feel huge and bloated and feel like poop. 

Next week is going to be a diet week, plus exercise. Attending 3 classes next week with running inbetween. I know it’s only 3 miles, but it’s a lot for someone who has been out of fitness for a bit. 

I do understand that it’s not a race and it’s for fun. I have raised money and I want to try and beat my time from 2 years ago. So far I have raised Β£81 with a week to go and haven’t asked a lot of my family members. I am hoping to raise my first initial target of Β£150, It’s not the end of the world if I don’t but thats what I have set myself.

If you would like to donate, click the sponsor me button, or text 70070 with RHIX93 Β£2 (or more).

Thanks a lot guys. 


Well, the Race for Life was on Sunday and I am so happy with the results. Not only I raised a lot of money but I beat my time which was a personal target. The weather wasn’t great in the morning it was pourig down and it made me feel unsure.. But the sun came out by the time it started and it was such a lovely day.

I turned up alone not running with anyone, just determined to run it and raise money. But after 20 minutes my parents came to support me and we did a little warm up with music before starting the race.

We lined up to run.. I stayed with the “joggers”

As you can see so many people turned up. So the runners were up front.. I was with the joggers and the walkers were at the back (the pic cut out the rest of the people) I am not sure how many turned up, but it was alot.

So I started the race and found it fairly easy. I’ve always struggled with running.. I have never been able to run 5k with out stopping to walk, I just don’t enjoy running and it always gets to me and I stop.

I found myself at the half way point were we would just turn around and head back, and I still wasn’t to bad except my feet started to burn. I had never ran 5k so quick in my life either so this was a BIG accomplishment.

I found myself at 4k and started slowing down having to walk just a bit to catch my breath, but only for a few seconds and had to take my jacket off as it was so hot by the time the race started. The 5k was nearing and as I knew I was close I was just wanting to finish it and beat my time.

I passed the finish line honestly feeling like I was going to collapse, my head was bounding my legs were shaking and I was as red as a beetroot! It wasn’t a good look… Luckily I don’t have a picture to show you πŸ™ˆ

You’re probably wondering what was my time.. Or maybe you’re not.. I’m going to tell you anyway because it’s my personal best..

Couple of years back was the last time I did it and I was a stone (14lbs) heavier than this year.. I did it in 34 minutes 50 seconds at that time.. Which was a personal best at that time for me. This year I did it in 29 minutes 33 seconds. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ I’m just so chuffed.

The total money I raised was a Β£183 and that was such a huge amount and for such a great cause. So would like to take an oppertunity to thank everyone who has raised money and ran and done anything for this great charity. 

Plenty of celebrating was done after which included a Lasagne after the run from a local pub which was beautiful.. The a sit in Indian which was lovely and had a few drinks with a lovely few to finish a good, beautiful day.

If you’re interested in seeing how I did before the race then check out these posts:




15 Random Questions

I got a bunch of questions from Google and thought I’d answer them for you in a video.

So here’s another YouTube video for you. Hope you like it and as always if you have a YouTube account please subscribe for beauty and lifestyle videos.

Had a lot o fun filming and editing this video, so going to be doing a lot more in the future.

It’s time for a 8 Week DetoxΒ 

So the last time I made a blog post was after Paris and that was back at the end of June?! And the last time I made a decent Weight Loss blog post was.. God knows when. I really want to just chat and tell you honestly how I have been getting on.

To be honest, since my 12 week challenge back in January I weighed 10st 2lb. I finished the challenge at the beginning of April only managed to lose a few pounds due to having to many events. 

I hate to say it but I have not been dieting since then! I attended a few classes and ran a few miles. Other than that I have gained so much weight and I feel awful. I am probably around the 10st 11lbs mark right now πŸ˜’

I’m a foodie. If you saw my instagram you would probably drool at the pictures of food I have. It’s what I love and I literally can’t live with out it. So for the last 4 months I have been so happy being able to eat what I want, but It has now piled on and I have gained a lot of weight. I am no longer happy. I am so big right now.

Thailand is in 8 weeks. So lets face it I need a 8 week detox.. 

To update all of you I will be posting regular blog posts, instagram photos and also will be doing a whole video of my 8 week journey for all of you to see and witness.

I am exited to start training and dieting again just to be comfortable in my body and hopefully be bikini ready for my Holiday.

Today was not such a good day to start as I didn’t go food shopping yesterday so had to eat out lunch time. So tomorrow (26/07/2016) I will have all my shopping and will have prepared my meals and be on plan.

Subway Salad for my lunch

It will be tough to record my weight and how I look right now but It will be the best motivation for me to get on with it.
Don’t forget to check out all my social media accounts including my YouTube Channel. I will be posting updates on them regulary.

Wish me luck x